You are going to love this short training video where I share How to Avoid Losing Your Audience Super Fast – a Costly Presentation Mistake. A huge challenge for many new speakers is that they want to read their presentation or they feel like they have to memorize every single word!

The challenge with that is, if you read your presentation you’re going to lose 80% of your audience, 80%!  That’s significant, isn’t it?  

Can you really Memorize your presentation?

Now, say you try to memorize that presentation – half an hour, forty minutes, are you really going to be able to do that?  And if you did, what happens if you forget something?  You’re going to get lost in thought and go “oh my gosh, I forgot what I was supposed to say!”

Try using Bullet Points instead of Reading

What you want to do instead, you want to let go off your reading, let go off the trying to memorize and use bullet points.  Just as I’m doing right now for this video – I have bullet points that keep me on track and ensure that I follow what I wanted to share.  So this way, if I have a brain fart moment, you know you forget something (which happens to all of us), the bullet points bring me right back to exactly what I need to say.

Let Go of this Costly Presentation Mistake

Let go off the reading, because remember, we want to engage the audience we want them to stay with us.  Let go off the need to memorize your presentation, cause it’s never going to work, and focus on putting bullet points in front of you!  That way, if you have a moment that you just can’t remember what you were going to say, you’ll glance at your bullet points and you’ll be ready to go.

Remember, use bullet points, and let go off the reading and trying to memorize your presentation.

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