As a Speaking Success Strategist, a question that I often get is how much should I charge for speaking engagements? I always respond with the biggest factor, which is your level of experience.

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Here is What You Need to Consider When Charging for Speaking Engagements

If you have been presenting for quite some time, which means they have done lots of presentations, which can include paid and complementary presentations, and you have a long and proven track record of delivering great content, you obviously can charge more than somebody who is new to getting speaking engagements.

New Speakers

A new speaker can charge for speaking engagements around $1,000 to $1,500.

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Advanced Speakers

A more advanced speaker can charge $5,000, $10,000 and even $15,000 for a presentation.  And some super well known speakers, can charge even more!

Level of Experience

“How much should I charge for speaking engagements?” is determined by your level of experience. That will determine how much can you charge for speaking opportunities.

In addition, it really does matter

  • how long you’ve been presenting,
  • how many times you are paid to speak per month, and
  • the type of groups and organizations that you’ve been presenting to.

I would recommend if you’ve been charging the same thing over and over again when you get speaking engagements, maybe it’s time to up level and raise your speaking fees and start increasing how much you charge for speaking engagements.

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