Your responsibility as a speaker is to ensure that your audience clearly understands your key points.

…You need to find various ways to make your points. Tell them one way, then tell them again in a different way, and finally, tell them one last time to make sure you hit the point home. Too much information given in one presentation only serves to confuse people and effectively shuts down the mind’s ability to pay attention. So, to avoid putting your audience to sleep, remember, it’s better to give a power-packed point that your audience will remember than to cover 25 points that they can’t recall at all.

As part of the series about Inspirational Women of the Speaking Circuit, AmondaRose Igoe was interviewed for Authority Magazine.

Check out Authority Magazines: Inspirational Women of the Speaking Circuit: Author AmondaRose Igoe…. An Interview With Edward Sylvan

including The Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Speaker

You can read the fascinating article here:


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