Our live speaker training for public speakers, motivational speakers, professional speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners is coming soon! The Empowered Speaker Event is held from April 5 – 7, 2019, in Hutchinson Island, Stuart, Florida, and includes a speaker training from April 6 – 7 and a VIP upgrade training option from April 5 – 7.


The Empowered Speaker Event: Top Speaker Coach Secrets to Reach and Convert More Ideal Clients

At The Empowered Speaker Event, I am spilling my SPEAKER COACH SECRETS with you because I want to empower you to share your message with MORE people and INCREASE your monetary results.

Do You Have to Be An Experienced Speaker to Participate?

You don’t have to be an experienced speaker, presenter or have a ton of business experience. What you need to achieve incredible speaking results is the desire and the willingness to apply the proven speaker training steps I will be sharing with you at the live event.

What You Will Learn During The Empowered Speaker Event

During this hands-on expert speaker training and coaching, participants will learn to

  • present dynamic talks
  • make presentation offers
  • design a networking introduction
  • create their standout signature story
  • amplify their business message
  • deliver high impact videos
  • how to grow their business through speaking
  • and book all types of speaking opportunities from interviews to group presentations
  • and so much more!


Interview AmondaRose and Jody, WRPBITV

AmondaRose, founder of The Empowered Speaker Event, interviewed by Jody from WRPBITV on how to speak with large audiences, engage with small audiences, one-on-one, and many other outstanding speaking tips.


Step-by-Step Speaker Forms and Hands-On Speaker Training

And best of all as a speaker, participants will be able to utilize everything I will be teaching them immediately! Plus, they will receive step-by-step speaker forms along with my “hands-on” expert speaker training and coaching to ensure that they can achieve their speaking dreams and goals in record time!

Interested? Reserve Your Seat today!

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