Maybe you’ve been sending out emails, posting on social media, networking with your connections—doing all the right things to attract the right people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

If you are like many, it’s not working.

You’re putting in all this time and effort and you’re STILL not getting the results you want.

So this week, I want to get real about why your message isn’t monetizing the way you think it should.

When most business owners and service providers pitch themselves to customers, journalists, or event hosts, they usually talk about their expertise, what they provide, and the results they can get for their customers.

And that’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not hitting on the ONLY thing that will make people interested in what you have to say:

The problem that you’re going to solve for them.

Having a message that matters is all about being clear and concise about how you help people.

When you communicate this, it makes people feel like they can trust you. And when they see your message is about them and how you’re going to solve their problems—not just what you’re selling—it will entice more of the right people to buy into what you have to offer.

Because if you can’t tell them that, why should they listen to what you have to say? 

AmondaRose Public Speaking

Every entrepreneur is familiar with rejection, especially when it comes to the infamous business pitch. It’s not all about you and your great idea; as soon as you step into the room, your personality is being categorized and your value is assumed based equally on your pitch and your personal potential.

So take a look at your work and ask yourself:

  • What are the problems you help people solve?
  • How do you communicate how you can make someone’s life better?
  • And why would anyone want to work with you over your competitors who might ALSO claim to have the ability to solve these problems?

Use the answers to these questions to mold your message so you can see how powerful it is to connect with people on an emotional level.

And hey—if you need a little help crafting the perfect pitch, email me and we can chat about coaching options.

Together, we can find a message that resonates with your audience and attracts those big, vision-board opportunities.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into achieving accelerated speaking results and want to learn how to leverage your message to rapidly boost your business apply now for a 30-minute complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session.

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