Almost weekly I talk to people who want to get booked but are frustrated by their results.  I discovered a top reason why you are having a challenge getting booked as a speaker.

When I think back to all those wanna-be speakers I have spoken to, there is a huge reason many of them are having difficulty getting booked as a speaker. It is something I see all the time and it is a major factor in their inability to get booked. 

Top Reason Speakers Aren’t Getting Booked

The main reason is that they’re all over the place with their brand message.  They do what I call the “dabble method” and it goes like this; let me dabble in this presentation message and hope it sticks, just in case let me dabble in this one too and why not dabble in that one also while I’m at it.

Their biggest challenge is that they haven’t committed to picking a specialized presentation direction which is something they absolutely need to do to be successful and get booked.

What Will An Event Coordinator Think Of You?

Think of it from the event coordinator perspective who is looking for a speaker for their upcoming event.  For clarity, let’s say the presentation is on leadership so the event coordinator is looking for a speaker who can effectively present on this topic. 

They talk to a few of their colleagues and each of them provides the names of one or two potential speakers. Before contacting any of the possible presenters, they carry out their due diligence and start researching the candidates via the internet.  

They come across Tom’s website who is supposed to be a Leadership Speaker, however they discover that Tom also speaks on many different subjects including; Sales, Customer Service and Time Management.

Here Is The Reality

From an event coordinator’s perspective, Tom is no longer a candidate because he doesn’t have a clear area that he focuses on.  

The event coordinator starts to form an opinion such as “Tom is all over the place, he certainly can’t be any good as a speaker.”  Therefore, Tom missed this golden opportunity to book this amazing speaking opportunity because he didn’t’ specialize in one area.  He was focused on way too many areas which made the event coordinator question his ability. 

Can You Relate To This?

If you’re feeling like this might be happening to you as a speaker when trying to get booked, you need to do these 3 things to help solve this problem:  

1. PICK A DIRECTION – You can’t be all things to all speaking opportunities. Ideally, you want to pick a direction that you are passionate about it, If you are not passionate about your presentation topic, event coordinators will know it the minute they look at your website or speak to you. As a result, they will immediately cross you off their list as possible speaker for this event and future events.

2. LET GO OF PERFECTION – You might pick an area of speaking to specialize in and a year later or so you might be guided to change it. It happens all the time. It is better to get started in one direction and change your speciality than never get started at all and miss out on potential bookings. 

3. MONETIZE IT – In order to be successful as a speaker which includes being able to pay your bills, provide for your loved ones and donate to your favorite charities, you have to be able to monetize your presentation topic.  Ask yourself “Are groups and organizations willing and able to invest in my services as a speaker who specializes in…?” Got a “Yes!” keep moving forward!  Got a “No” it is time for a change. 

If you need extra help on discovering what you specialize in, I have the perfect article for you.  Click on the link below to read my helpful article titled: Discovering Your Presentation Topic – 14 Presentation Questions Designed to Help You Uncover Your Speaking Topic

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