Have you ever had to do something you just didn’t want to do? Was it really hard to get yourself motivated? Would you rather go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled instead? I am pretty sure that all of us have found our self feeling that way at some point in our life. I know I am not the only one.

Do you want to be a rich beyond your wildest dreams, however you just can’t seem to knock on the door of a potential home seller who is in pre-foreclosure? Do you let your calls go to voice mail, because it might actually mean that you you would have to stretch outside your comfort zones? Do you have all these great ideas, however you get stuck in analysis paralysis? Think of something that you really would love to have or create in your life and it seems like a struggle just to get started. Ask yourself truthfully, has that the little voice of fear been running your life.

I hate to admit this. In the past, FEAR has controlled my life. I have missed numerous opportunities because of FEAR. As I look back at those times, I could see that my fear stemmed from not wanting to look like an idiot, saying the wrong thing, making a financial bad decision and the list goes on and on. Our minds are working overtime to keep us stuck. As I look back, I could see that most of those things I feared never happened. And the sad part was that it was only Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real rearing its ugly head.

So where does FEAR come from?

Even though our lives may have started out differently, most of us have learned two things from our parents during our early childhood. First, is the powerful two letter word “No.” Think about it for a minute. What is the one word our parents tell us over and over since we could crawl? Yep, it is the word “No.”

You go to reach for something and from across the room, you could hear them yell “No!” That may have happened to us when we were very little, however that word “No” has managed to stick to us like glue.

Instead of saying “Yes!” when opportunity shows up, most of us say “No.”, without even giving it a thought. Think about if for a minute. How many times do you say “No” or “Later” and let great opportunities pass you by?

Fear as a protection mechanism

Secondly, for our protection our loving parents have told us to be careful, watch out for strangers and to not take risks. That works great when we are kids; however it is not as effective as we grow up to be adults and need to make our own decisions.

As a result, most of us act like we are afraid that someone will take advantage us or we will get hurt is some way. And therefore we do nothing. We live in our heads. Afraid to takes risks. Fearful that we will make a wrong decision.

Our parents did what they needed to do to protect us. However, we are adults and have the absolute ability to make great choices and participate in all the wonderful things life has to offer us. Let’s get ready to say “YES!” to life before all our dreams pass us by.

Here are Four Ways to become a Fear Buster:

  1. Put Fear in its Proper Place – Remember that FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real. That is all that it is. It seems real at the time. However if you look at all the things we worry about, how many of them actually happen. Fear is only a state of thought produced by our mind in its attempts to want to protect us and keep us safe. It is time to handle FEAR and realize it has no actual power. Fear only has power if we give it power.
  2. Ignite your True Power – Everyday take one small risk that moves you in the direction of moving forward. Do something that is out of your comfort zones. Pick up the phone and make that phone call you have been meaning to make. Put in offers on three properties this week. Get started now. Decide what will be out of your comfort zones and go ahead and do it. Fear becomes powerless when we commit to taking one small risk per day. Before long, you will control fear and it will no longer control you.
  3. Surround yourself with Success – Every successful person I have met has always surrounded themselves with successful people who know that dreams can become a reality. Recently, I heard that Queen Latifah on The Actor’s Studio talk about how she has kept her self motivated while building her career. She said “Surround yourself with motivated people who are just as committed as you.” Have people in your life that empower you, believe in you, and support your dreams.
  4. Let go of Outcomes – This has been a very valuable lesson that I have learned. Recently, my business took a new direction. At first it was rather scary. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out. It was something that I had never done before. I committed to following the path and detaching from the outcome. I had to let go of control and know that I had the right to choose a different direction later on. The best part is that by detaching from the outcome, it turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. No matter what the outcome is, focus on the valuable lessons you have learned and how much you have grown.

I found this great article by Pamela D. Garcy, Ph.D. called A Fear Busting Formula You Can Remember! I thought you might want to read this too. You can check it out at: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fearless-you/201311/fear-busting-formula-you-can-remember
psychology today fearless you

Commit to pushing past your fears and becoming a Fear Buster today. As you live this way everyday, fear will lose its power and you will reach your unlimited true potential. As you apply these four Fear Busting steps, you will find yourself moving closer and closer to your goals, rather than being in a holding pattern.

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