I know Sizzling and Power Point rarely go together because most of the time the slides are boring, uninspired and highly impersonal. And even more importantly, they actually disconnect you from your audience.

Discover why your Power Point Slides could be the death of your presentation in my article “Shocking Secrets the Makers of Power Point Don’t Want You to Know.” That is a must read!

Before you do, let’s get to my Sizzling Power Point Truths for LIVE in person audience presentations. I call these truths because no matter what you are speaking on, these are true every single time!

Truth #1 – Keep it Simple

I see this all the time “30 Slides for a 30 Minute Presentation”. Do the math on that. That is a slide a minute. I think you would agree that sounds like it is way too many slides and too much time focused on the slides and not the audience.

If you really feel like you need the slides, I would recommend the slide number be cut in half or even less so the audiences focus on you and not the slides. Remember, they came to learn from you and not a bunch of slides that could never be as amazing as you are!

Truth # 2 – Large vs Small

Power Point Slides work best when you are speaking to a very large audience of hundreds or even thousands and not for small intimate groups of less than 200.

The reason is that when you are speaking to large audiences they will be so far away from you that you may look like a miniature action figure. That usually leads to them being unable to see your facial expressions and body movements clearly so that they can’t really connect with you, unless they are projecting your presentation on to a large screen. When there is no video, the Power Point Slides then become an important visual for your audience.

Power Point Slides were meant to be a business tool, not a crutch or must have as so many people use them today. They have a place, especially when hosting a webinar, however not to be used as a crutch during a live presentation.

It is time to let go of the slides when they aren’t necessary, and the let the real you shine through!

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