Technology options are booming these days when it comes to doing online trainings. Webinars are still a great platform to reach more people because successful webinars are a real time saver for the attendees and the presenter.  No drive time, no traffic and low cost.  It gets even better because with many webinar services a recording is available for those that couldn’t attend the live training.

The best part is that successful webinars are an excellent tool for generating leads and sales for any business.  According to 77% of webinars are conducted specifically for lead generation (aka getting more customers).

Recently, I co-hosted a complimentary webinar training.  (I hope you joined me for it!) It got me thinking!


Since I have hosted many successful webinars, I wanted to share “5 Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Successful Webinar”.

Tip #1 – Start and End on Time

If a webinar is supposed to be 30 minutes and that information has been told to the attendees, it needs to be 30 minutes. Otherwise, it can be seen as disrespecting the time of the attendees.  Their time is just as important as your own is.  To help you, have a clock that you can easily see and read next to your computer. Don’t rely on the TINY time on your computer because it is so easy to ignore when you are focused on your webinar slides.

Tip #2 – Put Your Picture Near the Beginning

With most typical webinars, the audience/ participants are unable to see you during the webinar.  Add a picture to one of the slides so your audience can become more comfortable with you – the presenter.

Tip #3 – What to do with the Comments and Questions

If you are hosting a solo-webinar (by yourself) it would be best to take off the comments and questions.  It is extremely challenge to stay on track with your content and go back and forth between the comments and questions that pop up.  If you do have someone that can handle those things during the webinar for you, I would say keep this option active.  If not, deactivate it.

Tip #4 – The Quick Click Slides

Have you ever been on a webinar where someone has so many slides that every few seconds they clicked to the next one.  It can be rather annoying and/or hard to follow.  Don’t waste your time on slides that you will only use for a few seconds because they are an unnecessary distraction for you and the audience.

Tip #5 – Never Assume They Will Remember

Do yourself and all your participants a favor by sending a simple reminder e-mail or text just before you get started.  Make sure you make it super easy for them by adding the webinar link, start time and include anything else they need to do or know.  As a result, you will create winning successful webinars.

I found this great article by Gini Dietrich called 14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar. I thought you might want to read this too. You can check it out at:

Got it!  Great!  I am thrilled to be able to help you in this way and get you on the way to hosting effective webinars!  Stay Tuned because I will let you know when my next webinar is scheduled too 🙂

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