Do you want to feel more confident and at ease when speaking to all types of groups? I thought why not use the power of Hacks to improve your public speaking so you can get over all types of public speaking fear, presentation anxiety or even the normal jitters that most of us experience.

I created Public Speaking Confidence Hacks that are super easy to use and might give you the edge when presenting to groups, organizations, team members or annual conferences.

public speaking confidence hacks

Before we get to the 5 Public Speaking Confidence Hacks, you might be wondering what is a Hack?  By definition a Life hack (or life hacking) refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life, according to

Public Speaking Confidence Hack # 1

To outsmart presentation stress in seconds, use this handy-dandy public speaking confidence hack. It will show how to decrease your nerves super-fast and move out the anxious feelings when you’re feeling overwhelmed prior to presenting. All you need to do is reach for a comb. Place the comb near your arm and begin to apply light pressure. Rub the teeth of the comb up-and-down along the inside of your forearm for 60 seconds. Repeat on your other arm. You will stimulate energy points in your arm that release stress. As a result, you will have instant tension taming technique that you can do right before your presentation. As a matter of fact, you’ll feel better quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

Public Speaking Confidence Hack # 2

Presentation fear and doubt can impact you, even when you’re excited about speaking.  And it can happen out of nowhere in the middle of your talk.  To avoid this public speaking challenge, keep a bottle of bubbles in your purse or bag. Right before your presentation in a private space, take out your bubbles, inhale and exhale as you blow some bubbles.  The bubbles mimics the deep breathing that’s been shown to lower levels of stress hormone cortisol by 50%.  The bubbles will remind you of your carefree childhood and allow you to present with more joy, ease and playfulness.  And you can even imagine your lack of public speaking confidence flying away and bursting into the air just like the bubbles do.


Public Speaking Confidence Hack # 3

To be faced with public speaking difficulties when presenting can really dampen your spirits and make speaking a really uncomfortable challenge.  To increase your public speaking confidence, begin by thinking of your favorite uplifting and fun childhood song.  It needs to be a song that helps you feel excited and happy.  It could be “If you are happy and you know it clap your hands” or “Shake your sillies out”.  Start singing the song in a private space.  Possibly in the stairwell if you are at a hotel or office building.  Get your arms moving, legs shifting and clap your hands to the sound of the beat. This fun and happy activity has been shown to improve a mood in minutes. It will ultimately help you step out of whatever emotional intensity you’re experiencing at that moment and give you a more positive perspective before you start speaking.


Public Speaking Confidence Hack # 4

Here is super quick way to overcome speaking stage fright or nerves. Before your presentation jot down an encouraging phrase such as “My audience is going to love me.” Or “I am a confident public speaker.” Put these positive words at the top of your presentation notes where you can see them anytime you need some encouragement.  Research has shown that people who read positive messages, like the examples above, are less stressed out than those who didn’t have a cheerful message in front of them.  The positive messages counter public speaking fear and the anxiety of feeling judged so you can deliver your speech with more confidence.


Public Speaking Confidence Hack # 5

What does nature and public speaking have in common?  There’s a really good reason to stop and watch a pretty bird feeder or a group of birds flying in the sky.  That simple activity has been shown to ease stress in difficult situations.  People who glimpsed at birds during the day were three times less likely to experience anxiety and 70% less likely to report high stress.  That’s because watching birds relaxes you, deepens your feeling of connection and makes sure you enjoy your public speaking presentation moments. 


Enjoy the Public Speaking Confidence Hacks! 

Give them a try and let me know how it goes!





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