I LOVE to SPOTLIGHT my clients who are up to great things! This is a truly awesome and eye opening article by Carol Morgan.


Our lives are all very busy. Sometimes we may even feel like robots! Even when it comes to our business or when we go to work for someone. The routine: we wake up, enjoy the drink of our choice, dress, maybe if we have time, we get something to eat; then into the car and off to work we go. Then when our work day is finished (out of the home job), back in the car to go home, maybe we have to run some errands before we arrive home. It’s time to get dinner on the table; if we have children, homework, bath time; you get the picture.

We operate on autopilot! When was the last time you stopped and paid attention to your “inner knowingness?” When did you look at something happening, even at work, at more than a superficial level? Did you ever think that answers and guidance to our questions are around us all the time?

I’d like to introduce you to the concept of “Waking Dreams.” A waking dream happens when God or life is showing us an answer, guidance or protection in our daily, waking life.

Imagine you want advice of whether to go on a trip or not. This happened to me. I really wanted to vacation in Tennessee. My husband said, “no.” So, instead of getting mad, I decided to ask my higher self whether going to Tennessee was a good idea or not. While driving in Miramar, FL, I saw a license plate, from Tennessee, with an “x” on it. Either it meant “x marks the spot” or “no, don’t go.” That’s when I tuned into my own feelings, and realized that “no, it’s not a good idea.” During the time that I wanted to go to Tennessee, my youngest son was hospitalized. In the end, it was a wise decision not to go to Tennessee!

How about when you want to make a business decision? Scott had put money down on a real estate deal. What he did not know was that the main tenant had backed out of the deal. This is how a waking dream and connecting the dots can have a major influence on the final outcome.

Scott was in his car thinking about the deal about two days before the deal was supposed to close. He noticed a red Ferrari going in the opposite direction. Nothing that we would pay attention to. However, it did play an important part in the final decision.

Then he noticed a dead fawn on the side of the road. Again, nothing too important if you didn’t know about waking dreams.

Finally, a fallen log partially blocked his way. Scott, knowing about waking dreams and putting all three seemingly unimportant events together arrived at his decision. Applying the escape clause in the Contract, Scott backed out of the deal.

To summarize:

  1. The red Ferrari, an expensive car, was going in the opposite direction meaning that the money was going away from Scott;
  2. The dead fawn/deer would never reach maturity like the real estate deal; and
  3. The fallen log was blocking his way to finalizing the deal.

Seemingly innocent occurrences when put together was the advice Scott needed to take to protect his investment.

Some suggestions in learning to listen to your waking dreams:

  1. Choose a word or symbol as a confirmation or warning
    (black bow = end) (blue elephant = confirmation);
  2. Pay attention to what you see or hear – how does it connect with your life; and
  3. Keep a journal of your waking dreams and your symbols.

How many messages are you missing?

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