It’s a common question that I hear all the time for my clients. It is a super important question and I’m going to answer it for you so you can be crystal clear and you will know how to answer this question “How much should I charge for speaking fees?”

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You want to consider these important details:

2 Must-Known Speaking Fees Tips to Help You Determining What to Charge

Speaking Fees Tip #1: Your Level of Experience

  • Are you a new speaker or a more advanced speaker?
  • What can the new and less experienced speaker charge per speaking fee?

A newbie or less experienced speaker can charge a thousand to fifteen-hundred for a speaking engagement

A more advanced speaker can request five, ten and even fifteen-thousand for a paid speaking opportunity such as a keynote, motivational talk or a group training.

The $5,000 Mark

Keep in mind that if you are new or less experienced, and you haven’t been out there speaking, then you’re really haven’t earned that $5,000 mark.

So, go out there and do as many presentations you can and get as much experience you can, and you’ll see that your fees will quickly increase.

The more experience you have always leads to increasing your credibility which increases your speaker fees and how much you can charge as a speaker.

So ultimately, you can go from charging $1,500 for a speaking fee to all to fifteen thousand twenty thousand dollars but you’ve got to pay your dues first.

Speaking Fees Tip #2: Your Time Commitment

When deciding on how much should I charge for speaking fees, you need to consider your time commitment.  Ask yourself these important questions.

Type and Length of Trip

  • Do you have to travel by car to that presentation or do you need to get on a plane?
  • Are you traveling internationally or can you get in your car and drive a half hour, 45 minutes or an hour to that presentation?
  • Are you just coming in and presenting 45 minutes?
  • Are you considering the length of time that you will be at this event?

Some speakers will be asked to spend an additional ninety-minutes attending social events or networking type events prior to or after presenting to a group organization.

Your time is valuable so be crystal clear on how much time is involved in all presentations before saying how much you charge for speaking fees.

If you’re not sure how much you can charge for your speaking fee as it relates to your particular business or situation, and/or you want to know how to get the best speaking engagements, you can apply for a strategy session with me.

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