Speaking to grow your business is not easy work, right?

You’ve established your business and have a steady stream of income month after month.

But once you’ve hit that income ceiling…

It could become extra difficult to grow.

Difficult… but possible with the right help.

You see, there are two things you need to be able to grow your business:

  • Know the right next things to do
  • And know the order in which you should do them

I’ll share with you the three-step speaking model we teach at Invincible Speaking.

This should give you a clue on what you want to focus on next to grow your speaking and your business…

…by always knowing the right next steps to take, and in what order:

Step 1: Design


This is all about designing and creating a Signature Talk that you love, and will make your audience fall in love with you.

So much so people in your audience can’t wait to hire you.  As a result, you will have a rush of ideal clients eager to work with you!


Step 2: Deliver


Once you’ve created your Signature Talk that ensures your audience will be eager to hire you, you will want to deliver it with high impact too.

You have to be clear, captivating and compelling in your delivery if you want more opportunities to EASILY come your way.

Otherwise, your reputation, expertise and your income may be at stake.


Step 3: Book 


Finally, you will want to be working on booking those highly desired speaking engagements.  You have to go for it!

I think you’d agree that it doesn’t make sense to have a signature talk…

… to just to end up with it sitting on your computer, desk or in drawer.

Then why even call yourself a speaker or utilize speaking to grow your business in the first place. Right?

This concludes my three-step business model:


Design, Deliver and Book!


Do you see how much this can help you?

Let me know 🙂


My new Speaker Personality Quiz is designed to help you understand the unique way YOU communicate with your audience.

By uncovering your “speaker personality”, you’ll be able to sell from the stage with ease and connect with your audience on a level that feels natural and authentic. You can finally start attracting an audience that “gets” you, and selling from the stage will feel like second nature.

As you might imagine, having this information is kind of a game-changer.

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