Would you like to know “How to write a speech”? Have you ever hit a mental wall when it came to creating your speech content?

  • Do you have a presentation coming up and you feel stuck because you don’t know how to begin speech writing?

  • Are you unclear of what needs to go into your presentation and how to format your speech?

  • Do you know how to fit all of your great ideas and information into your talk?

I speak to individuals all of the time who are struggling with how to begin to write their next speech including how to develop a speech outline.

They have the same challenges as you do. They have the knowledge.  However, they just aren’t sure how to easily and quickly develop their presentation and put their talk together. And do it in a way that gets them the presentation results they want.



They end up hitting the dreaded:

Presentation Writing Wall

You might have experienced this.  You sit down to start creating your speech content and then nothing…nada… you can’t seem to write a thing.

Thirty minutes have passed and it is clear that you feel totally and utterly stuck. You simply don’t know how to begin to write your speech. 

You try again hoping to have some creative inspiration and finally write that speech.  Now a week goes by and still nothing.

Would you like some expert guidance to get unstuck?  Great!  Let me help you get started writing your presentation.  




Get the help you desire and learn…

3 Smart Strategies to Create Your First or Next Presentation. 

You have a presentation coming up and you just feel stuck. Maybe you are uncertain of what exactly needs to go into your presentation.

Possibly, you are not sure how to fit all of your great presentation ideas into the time frame you have been given. I talk to individuals who are struggling with the same thing all the time. They have the knowledge; however they just aren’t sure how to put it together in a presentation.

checkbox-thThis is what I call the dreaded Presentation Creation Wall.


You have this great idea for your next presentation. It feels truly wonderful and divinely inspired. You sit down to start creating your content and then nothing…nada… you can’t seem to write a thing. Thirty minutes have passed and it is clear that you feel totally and utterly stuck.

You are feeling tremendous pressure because you have an important presentation coming up and you need to writhe the speech.

The pressure is on and you are feeling really tense and incredibly challenged.

The sad part is that you can’t seem to write a darn thing. You have tried numerous times and it just isn’t happening. The good news is help is here! 

Here are your 3 Smart Strategies to Create Your Next Presentation




1. Keep a presentation idea journal that you can use as a reference for developing  and writing your presentation content. I am always surprised when presentation ideas come to me, especially when I am driving.

Since I can’t always write these ideas down, I use the next best thing, my car’s hands free calling. I call my office and leave myself a voicemail message, which I can access as soon as I am back in the office.

Then when I am ready to write, I have all the inspired ideas on my desk ready to be incorporated into my presentation.  

If you aren’t sure where to begin you might find a quiet space and do a brain dump where you let the ideas to flow.

For 5 to 10 minutes, simply write down all the presentation ideas and inspiration  that come to you.  Don’t filter them or second guess these ideas.  Just let them flow and write them all down.  Keep the ones that fit into your current presentation and save the other ones for later.  




2. To help flush out your key points, listen to what your clients and audiences are struggling with. Where is their pain. They are a wealth of information and will always tell you what they need help with.  When it comes to creating  and writing your presentations and speeches, you need imput for others. You can’t do this alone if you want to do it the right way.  

Keep a list of the special requests your clients and contact have made so that you can find unique ways of incorporating some of them into your next presentation. You will have a wealth of juicy speech content that your audience will love because they asked for it.



3. Create a basic outline for every presentation that you do that includes your Opening, Key Points and Closing. Having a consistent format for every presentation makes the creative process flow easier because you are no longer wondering where you are going to put each presentation element.

For example, in a thirty minute presentation, I recommend 10% of your time being dedicated to your opening, 80% focused on the main part of your presentation and 10% focused on your clear call to action, aka your closing.  

Keep in mind, as you starting writing your next speech, you want to always start every presentation with a powerful opening that grabs the audience’s attention.

Remember, your opening is focused on your audience and not on you.  As a result, your opening always comes before you ever get to your personal story. 


Success is Your Destiny!  





P.S. In my “Signature Presentation that Sells” system I help you craft your entire speech, including the exact number of key points you can cover in the time frame given. When you have a system and my help, it makes presentation content writing Simple, Easy and Effective.

P.S. If you have any questions at all about designing your key points, delivering your closing or developing your Signature Presentation or booking speaking opportunities … go ahead and contact me here. I’ll be sure to get back to you just as soon as I can.

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