How to avoid the #1 costly speaking engagement agreement mistake!

Never let this happen to you. You book your speaking opportunity and you’re promised a large audience. Maybe you’re promised there’s going to be 300 or 400 or even 1,000 people in attendance. And you get there and there’s 20 or 30. They promised you the world and they didn’t deliver.

Maybe you’ve flown on your own dime to that event. Figuring, “I’m going to turn these individuals into clients. This is going to be great exposure for my business!” And then you get there and there’s literally 20 or 30 people in the audience.

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Now, this happens all the time. So, I’m sharing something that’s very personal to me because it happened to me. And it’s happened to many of my clients prior to them working with me.

So, what do you do to be sure that this never happens to you?


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Seek Legal Guidance for Your Speaker Contract

First, I want to recommend that you seek legal guidance on your speaker contract. I’m sharing with you the type of information that you want to include.

Now, you want to be sure the event host or organizer will have a specific amount of people and not “blank”. So, you know if they are telling you there’s going to be 300 or 400 people? That’s an important part in the contract.

That it will never drop below a specific amount. That the attendance will never drop below, maybe 250. Maybe you’re okay if there’s 50 less, instead of 300.



Ask to be notified by a specific date, about the number of attendees in your speaker contract.

Then, the next part is that you want to state that you will be notified. By a specific date, about the number of attendees. And that you have the right to cancel. That you have the right to cancel. And that you will not be held responsible for that in any way.

And the other part is that they will refund all your event related expenses. So, if you booked a hotel room that you get reimbursed for it. If you booked airfare, then they need to pay you for that airfare.

So you want to cover your own tush. Yes, cover your own tush to make sure that if this happens to you. Something which it has happened to many people. That you have in the contract something that covers your tush. Your butt. So that it never happens to you.

Because I don’t want one more person to go to a speaking event and experience this costly mistake! To have them discover, when they get there, that there’s less people than they planned on.

cover you

Make sure that your speaker contract covers you, your time, your energy, and your knowledge.

Now, if they’re paying you $5,000 you don’t care if there’s 20 people in that room and they promised you 300. Alright, perfect, they’re paying you $5,000, it’s worth it.

>But if you’re going on your own dime. Or you think that this is a great business and credibility opportunity for you. And you think it’s okay for you to spend time out of your office for this, then it’s worth it.

But if not? PUT THIS IN YOUR SPEAKER CONTRACT. Save your own butt and make sure that your contract covers you. Your time, your energy, and your knowledge.

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