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Public speaking is one of the skills that every woman in business needs to be able to do..  Learn why by watching the video or reading the CBS12 News Transcript here:

CBS12 – Luli Ortiz >> All new at 3: public speaking can be intimidating, but one local expert wants to change that. AmondaRose Igoe – she’s joining us live right now to tell us more about her “Speaking Blocks and Breakthroughs” for women event that is on Tuesday, August 10th. 

CBS12 – Luli Ortiz >> AmondaRose, thanks so much for joining us today. How can public speaking skills help women in business? 

AmondaRose Igoe >> Every successful woman knows that when you can present, whether leading a meeting or delivering a big presentation, it’s one of the things that can set you apart. And when you set yourself apart, you can accelerate your career. You can literally skyrocket yourself to the top. Public speaking is one of the skills that every woman in business needs to be able to do.

CBS12 – Luli Ortiz >> With many people speaking over Zoom now, I believe that public speaking can be a little bit more complicated with the glitches and everything, but what can you tell people; what can they do to stay confident when looking at that screen? 

AmondaRose Igoe >> So it’s a really common challenge, and I want people to think of somebody that they feel really comfortable with – somebody that makes them feel at ease – whoever is their best friend. And then imagine that person. Imagine that you’re talking to them. When you do that, you are more confident in your delivery. Your words come out clearer, and she’ll leave that meeting with a feel good experience. 

CBS12 – Luli Ortiz >> We understand that you have a special 3 step formula here to speaking success, can you give us a sneak peak on that?

AmondaRose Igoe >> Absolutely. I like to look at the costly mistakes that women make when they’re presenting and provide them steps they can immediately take and apply to every single presentation that they do, so that ensures they are getting the results they want. And one of my tips will literally, like a snap of the finger, instantly get rid of public speaking fear and allow them to feel more confident. 

CB12 – Luli Ortiz >> Can quickly tell us a little bit about the event on August 10th?

AmondaRose Igoe >> I will; Speaking Blocks and Breakthroughs is held in Delray Beach August 10th from 5:30 to 7:00pm, and if they’d like to learn more they can go to  That is

CBS12 – Luli Ortiz >> Is there any other…just to kind of give us a preview of what to expect, can you just talk about some of the I guess presentations or some major missions to you guys wanna make sure that comes across for those who participate in this event?

AmondaRose Igoe >> Absolutely. One of the things that’s super important for women in particular is to share their story, but many of them don’t know how to do it effectively. And when that happens, they might lose their audience, they might not know when to tell it, how to tell it…so I’m going to be covering that as well as costly closing mistakes that people make.  I will also be including one of the common challenges that women make when they’re delivering the presentation and putting the information together – I call it “The Big D Tip”

CBS12 – Luli Ortiz >> That’s great information and we have all that information on the event that’s on August 10th on our website,  Thanks so much for joining us, AmondaRose Igoe.

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