I am INTUITIVE… and this is one of the reasons my clients love coaching with me.

I haven’t shared this with a lot of people in the past. I am no longer keeping parts of me to myself and to my current clients.
I am taking a stand and sharing it all! 

There are many fabulous speaker trainers and business coaches out there. You can hire a speaker trainer and a business coach who is known for strategy. I am really good at that too!

Or you can hire one who is intuitive too – like me. 


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Here is why this is a really wise move…

I use my intuitive abilities to help my clients get results. Specifically, I know exactly how to help them clarify their message, own their value, and attract their ideal opportunities.

I am highly attuned to my inner knowing, so Spirit always gives me the perfect ideas to share with my clients. 

For example, at a recent training, I had someone share their story. She didn’t know what information to share, what information to leave out and how to connect her personal story to the work that she does.

After listening to her share her story, I imagined I was her and reshared her story in a powerful, purposeful way and highlighted her passion for the work she does.

Some say I “channel” the person and their experience when I do this. I would have to agree. A much higher source takes over that is so much more than the human mind.

The client and the audience were in awe of how I could share the story, just like I was the one who experienced what the client went through.

The audience rose to their feet and gave me a standing ovation because they had never experienced anything like this.

Like many intuitives, I am very empathetic, so I can sense what others are thinking and feeling before they tell me what is going on.

I am highly attuned to my inner knowing, so Spirit always gives me the perfect ideas to share with my clients. These ideas are always the best! 

I often know intuitively when my clients in my 12-month Invincible Superstars program need extra accountability, support, and encouragement. When I reach out to them, they usually say, “How did you know I needed this right now?”

I can emotionally connect with their personal experiences, even when their experiences are quite different. I utilize my God-given abilities to help my clients clarify their path so that it is ideal for them.

I feel incredibly blessed by my intuitive abilities. The best part is it helps my clients shine brighter, be bolder, and share their beautiful brilliance with the world! 

I would love to help you shine your bright light and share your message with the world now. 

If what I am saying resonates with you or you have a question email me, I’d love to hear from you. 

Now is the time to go for it!

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