Learn How to Successfully Grow Your Business, Serve More Clients and Skyrocket Your Income

Make An Impact

  • Do you want to know the quickest ways to have a positive impact on more people?
  • Do you want to know how to position, package, and price your programs so more people say “YES”?
  • Do you want to advance your business… and accelerate your influence and income?  
  • Do you want proven techniques and high-level strategies to accelerate your speaking… and your business?

Ready to become a 6-Figure Invincible Speaker?

Apply for my 12 Month PRIVATE Accelerated Program to Successfully Grow Your Business, Serve More Clients, Skyrocket Your Income …and Make an Impact Now!

Why 6-Figure Invincible Speaker Mastery PRIVATE Program?

Create Impact Momentum

With AmondaRose’s speaking practically Done-For-You success strategies, intuitive insights and 6-figure business building templates, you will create massive momentum in your business.  You will accelerate your results, and your ability to make a huge impact and monetize your powerful message. You will learn step-by-step techniques and receive private coaching sessions filled with the strategy, inspiration, training, brainstorming, and accountability you want and need to skyrocket your business.

Play Big

6-Figure Invincible Speaker Mastery PRIVATE was designed specifically for those that have a big vision, a strong desire for more visibility and are open to being financially victorious.  However, they aren’t sure of the exact path they need to take. You are reading this because you are open to getting the help you need.  Playing small isn’t what you are about. You know you are meant to leverage your time, talents and expertise… while increasing your global impact, influence and income.

Easily Achieve More

The 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery Private program delivers the highest level of individualized training, accountability, coaching, and support so you can make powerful decisions, take passionate action towards achieving your goals, achieve your ideal vision of success and make the impact you are seeking.

If you are selected for the 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery PRIVATE program, you will be asked to show up bigger, bolder and braver, because it is essential to achieving what you want.

12 Month Accelerated Program to Successfully Grow Your Business, Serve More Clients and Skyrocket Your Income

Get expert speaking help and apply now for a 30-minute complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session

12 Month Accelerated Private Program to Successfully Grow Your Business, Serve More Clients and Skyrocket Your Income


1. One Full Day In-Person VIP Coaching Intensive

VIP Coaching Intensive

One very special and extremely productive full day VIP Coaching Intensive focused on your business goals, desires and needs. Be prepared to be challenged and richly supported as you are masterfully coached through business breakthroughs that will benefit you and your income for a lifetime.

Plus, it includes a two-night hotel stay for your VIP Coaching Intensive in Florida. (If you prefer, there is a virtual option.)

2. Two Virtual Half-Day VIP Coaching Intensives with AmondaRose

The two Half-Day VIP Coaching Intensives will give you in-depth and advanced training, coaching, and structured implementation time.  The private 6-Figure Invincible Speaker Mastery includes on-the-spot training of marketing systems, advanced speaking strategies, and business building tools! Everything is customized to you, and your speaking and business goals.

20 Sixty-Minute Private Virtual Coaching Sessions with AmondaRose

(Scheduled Twice a Month in Advance to Keep You on Track!)

Each 60-minute private coaching and q&a session will keep you moving forward in the most effective ways.  During your 20 Private sixty-minute Virtual Coaching sessions with AmondaRose is where you will address a specific theme based on your ideal business needs and desires, so the energy, intention and information is smoking HOT!  The coaching sessions will be customized to meet your specific needs and business growth strategies. Topics may include:

  • Prioritizing Your Income Streams and Quickly Kick Start the Next 90 Days
  • Create Your Signature Presentation using AmondaRose’s 6-Figure Presentation Template
  • Money Breakthrough Secrets so You Can Make More Money and Keep More of What You Make
  • How to Dramatically Increase Your Income with Profitable VIP Days and Online Programs
  • Easily and Authentically Move Your Prospective Clients into Paying Clients, including Handling Objections like a Pro
  • Making More Money with High Impact Relationship-Based Marketing
  • Create Your First Product to Sell Even If You Have a Limited Budget
  • Go from Lack Luster Business Relationships into Profitable Partnerships
  • Step by Step How to Effectively Market Your First or Next Workshop, Retreat or Online Event
  • Are You a One Person Show? What You Are Losing by Trying to do it All on Your Own!

Build Your Online Presence, Increase Your International Visibility and Grow Your Global Impact

3. Laser-Focused “I Need Help” Sessions

(Scheduled When YOU Need Them Most!)

Receive three laser-focused coaching sessions when you need them!  If you are at a speaking event and need a pep talk, you can call AmondaRose. If you experience a breakdown and need a quick breakthrough conversation, you can utilize your three 15 Minute Emergency Calls anytime during the year-long program.  Plus, as a Private 6-Figure Invincible Speaker Mastery client, you will receive preferential access to AmondaRose.

4. 4 Hours of Virtual Assistant Time

Receive four-hours of virtual assistant time that you can utilize over the course of the program year.  AmondaRose will help you determine the best use of this time so that you can focus on ideal tasks for you and your business.

5. Be a Featured Expert at 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event

featured expertYou’ll be interviewed by AmondaRose, featuring YOU as a 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event expert, highlighting you as an industry leader in your niche. This special 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event interview will help you create new opportunities while you increase your reach, visibility and credibility.

6. 4 Hours of Content and Marketing Review

Go to the front of the line anytime you have marketing questions or need writing support and guidance. AmondaRose will review and comment on marketing ideas, website copy, proposals and flyers that you need feedback on.


Bonus 1 - Eligible to become “High Performance Speaking Certified”

As a 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery program participant, you are eligible to become High Performance Speaking Certified.

Value $5000

Bonus 2 – Exclusive 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Private Accountability Group

Get support, community, brainstorming, and accountability that will keep your energy, focus, and momentum moving in the right direction in this exclusive group forum. You will receive feedback from AmondaRose and your 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery colleagues to keep you laser-focused on your next steps.

Value – $4000

Bonus 3 - Customized Speaker One Sheet

Using AmondaRose’s customizable one sheet formula, along with the information you submit to AmondaRose’s team, we will create a personalized one sheet that highlights you, your background and your expertise.   We take all the guesswork out of the process and literally do it for you!

Value $500

Bonus 4 - Quick Start “Signature Presentation” Online Program

Get immediate access to AmondaRose’s Home Study Big Impact and Income Speaker: The #1 Speaker Method to Quickly Design Your Talk, Confidently Deliver Your Content and Authentically Close More Sales – without sounding aggressive or pushy.  Begin increasing your presentation income potential by applying the course strategies.

Value $1497

Bonus 5 – Exclusive 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery Contests

AmondaRose wants to reward you for your implementation success! That’s where the 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery Contests comes in!  During the twelve-month program, you will be given opportunities to participate in exclusive 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery contests.

Value $2000

Bonus 6 - 2 VIP Access Tickets to 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event including Special Speaker Spotlight Opportunities

You’ll receive two VIP Tickets to 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event where you will enjoy many 6-Figure Invincible $peaker Mastery program benefits, including an opportunity for you and your business to be showcased on stage during the live event.

Value $1994

Now is the perfect time to apply for a 30-minute complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session.

6-Figure Invincible Speaker Mastery program includes AmondaRose’s highly desired business building systems, step-by-step templates, checklists, forms, accelerated training, plus coaching, accountability and support to help you stay focused and taking action! Your real success starts when you invest in your future to start making an impact in your own life now!

Get expert speaking help and apply now for a 30-minute complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session

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