Who do you learn your Success Secrets from?  When it comes to Success there are two types of people.  They are the Truly Successful and the Wanna Be Successful.  Ask yourself “Which one are you?”  If you said the “Wanna Be Successful”, then this article is for you.  And if you said “Truly Successful” great, because this article is for you too.  

No matter how successful one is or wants to be, you need to always keep yourself focused on what Successful people do.  When you apply these Success Secrets the sky is the limit. Every moment of the day, you have an opportunity to create the life of your dreams or to stay exactly where you are?  It is always a moment by moment choice we are making because we are either moving towards our dreams or away from them. 

You learned four very powerful Success Secrets in Part I.  Let us recap for those briefly.   

1) Successful people Make Room for Riches by getting rid of clutter and disorganization.
2) Successful people know how to Dream Big by taking time to visualize what they want in their mind first.
3) Successful people always Make Decisions Quickly in all areas of their lives.
4) Successful people always Exceed Everyone’s Expectations, especially their own and know their potential is unlimited.

If you haven’t started to apply these four Secrets to your life daily, you need to start now. However, I would be doing you a disservice if I did not include the next three Success Secrets. In order to chart a course to success now, you need to apply the next three Secrets to your life as well as the first four.

Successful people Surround Themselves with Successful people.

I wish I didn’t have to say this; however it is a necessary truth. If you are surrounding yourself with friends who are not moving themselves forward in their life, then you really need to consider letting those relationships go. If you are around people who are always negative, ask yourself what is that doing to you. Do you want to be around people who build you up or bring you down?

You need to surround yourself with people that are ready to go after what life has to offer. It is an abundant universe ready to give you your hearts desires. You got in to the business of Real Estate for many reasons, and I am sure it wasn’t to be dragged down by negative and unmotivated friends. If you find this idea challenging, then start by adding new friends in to your life and spending more time with them. Slowly let go of the others if you need to do that.

Create a Success Dream Team, much like a Master Mind Group. Get together weekly with those individuals that inspire you, who believe in your dreams, and will hold you accountable to being something more. Friends like these are out there looking for friends just like you.

Successful people Know How to Be of Service to Others.

People want to do business with others who have their best interest at heart and successful people know this. They know the art of a really good deal is creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. And yes, a win-win situation does include a seller who wants to walk away and chooses to give you the deed to their house. It is a win-win because they want to move on and they wanted to move on now.

Ask yourself how would your business change if you always wanted to be of service to others and create win-win situations all the time? If you said “My business would grow.” you are absolutely right. When one of your motives is to be of service to others, people will be drawn to you. They will want to deal with you. The next time you are dealing with a new seller, a landlord, or anyone that you meet, think to yourself “How may I be of service to them?” And watch your business grow as a result.


Successful people Love What They Do.

I don’t know your situation, however I used to go to a job everyday that I didn’t like. Maybe you have been in a similar situation. I know I have had many jobs like that before. My jobs haven’t been horrible. I earned a decent income. I went home every weekday at 5 PM. And at least I wasn’t on the unemployment like so many others. I thought I should be grateful for having a steady income, which I was.

However, I was spending the majority of my day working for a pay check. I wasn’t working for someone else for any other reason beside that little paycheck that I thought I could count on. Then one day, I woke up. I finally mustered the courage to follow what I loved to do.

Think about Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and Tiger Woods. They all love what they do and that is why they are huge success stories. It is the fire that keeps them moving forward when life gets challenging. Believe me, no matter how successful someone is, they will still run in to situations that will challenge them. And if they don’t love what they are doing, it will be just too easy to say “I quit.” With Real Estate investing, you have so many different options. Choose what you love and I can promise you, success is around the corner.

I found this great article by Brian Tracy called 7 Secrets to Success. I thought you might want to read this too. You can check it out at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/173484

Now you have it. You have a total of Seven Success Secrets. If you take the time to apply these secrets and I know you will, it is just a matter of time before you achieve the true success you desire. I have charted the course for you to follow; now it is up to you. Why not print this blog post and part I? Post them in a place that you will see often and chart your course to success on a daily basis. I have given you the secrets, now it is up to you.

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