Do you ever wonder what makes a person successful and what there Success Secrets are? Is it there personality? Maybe their drive? Are they smarter than most people? Or are they just luckier than everyone else? Successful people are not lucky nor are they born that way. Successful people are basically no different than anyone of us. However there is one difference; they charted their course to success and they apply the Secrets of the Successful daily. I am sure you would love to know what secrets they are using. Actually, you already do. What makes them “Secrets” is that most of us know what to do, however we just don’t do them.

Successful people are committed to Creating the Life of Their Dreams. No matter what obstacles come their way, they continue to move forward knowing that they will win, even when many challenges get in their way. Anyone can learn to be successful and begin to create the life of their dreams, and that includes you, if you are willing to learn and apply the Secrets of the Successful.

Successful people Make Room for Riches.

If your office and your home are filled with clutter, you need to be willing to let go of the clutter and get organized. Whether you know it or not, clutter and disorganization is probably holding you back from being the successful person you deserve to be.

Take a minute and picture a very cluttered office. Imagine books on the floor and papers all over the desk. There is just stuff everywhere. Maybe this resembles your office. In order to make room for riches such as new opportunities, increased income, creative ideas and less stress in your life, you have to be willing to let go of the old and let go of what is holding you back.

Successful people don’t have time for disorganization and clutter. And neither do you because you deserve to have all of the riches you desire.

Successful people know how to Dream Big.

When you were a child, do you remember some of the big dreams you had? Think of all the things you believed you could do. As children our imagination was unlimited. We knew how to dream big. However, as most of us grew up, we have learned to stop dreaming big because we believed it was a waste of time. I challenge you to open up your mind and start dreaming again.

Take a few minutes each day to visualize everything you want in your life. This includes how you want to spend your time, the relationships you want, the adult toys you would love to own, and the money you want to donate to charity, the vacations you want to take and so on. The list is only limited by your imagination, so start dreaming big again.

If you choose to take a few minutes daily to do this, you will start to attract people, situations and opportunities in to your life that are better than you could have imagined before When you see something that you would like to have say “That’s for me.” and start declaring what you want. If you are like me and found this rather challenging in the beginning, create a Dream Book or a Dream Board.

Cut out pictures and phrases that symbolize your dreams. Look at it everyday and watch your life change. Just like it did for me, those things in your dream book will start to show up in your life in unexpected ways. It is a simple and an amazing tool that is essential in creating the life of your dreams.

Successful people always Make Decisions Quickly.

Most of us have heard of the term “Analysis Paralysis” which is very common with new real estate investors and even some long time investors. Basically it means the inability to make a decision quickly even though you have all the information you need.  Analysis Paralysis stems from a fear of making the wrong choice, making a mistake and looking foolish in front of others.

If Analysis Paralysis is showing up in your life, I have one suggestion. Stop it now! This can be devastating to your business because another investor is willing and ready to close a deal while you are taking weeks to think about it. Trust yourself. There is no guarantee that you will always make the right decision, however you will never know unless you get in the game and make a decision. If you are really not sure what to do, hire a coach or a mentor to help you make decisions quickly and wisely.

And successful people always remember to Exceed Everyone’s Expectations, including their own.

Never sell yourself short. Everyone can live the life of their dreams, no matter what anyone has told them in the past. Know that if it is possible for one person, it is possible for you. Set your sights high. Prove to yourself and others that you can be even more successful than you have planned or ever dreamed of.

It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. And secondly, starting acting like a successful person. In the beginning you maybe just be “Acting as if” you are successful. Act as if you are confident, organized, knowledgeable and everything you need to be and more.

Pattern your behavior after someone you know who is really embodies the word “Success.” You might even surprise yourself and become even more successful than they are. Remember, your potential is unlimited.

What will your life look like in one year?

Imagine another whole year has passed since you read this article and you have done nothing towards the living the life of a successful person. Your life has not changed one bit. Your income, your relationships, and your entire life are exactly the same as it was one year ago.

Maybe it wasn’t what some would call a bad year or maybe it couldn’t have been worse. You could have chosen at anytime to make it by charting your course and applying the Success Secrets but you didn’t. Yep, another year has passed and you let success slip right through your fingertips. Think about how that feels for a moment.

That probably doesn’t feel very good. Here is your opportunity to create the life of your dreams. You know four of my favorite Success Secrets. Start applying them now and watch your life, your business, and your dreams soar. Remember to keep your eyes open for Success Secrets Part II. Start charting your course to success now.

Until then I found this great TED Talk by Richard St. John called 8 secrets of success. I thought you might want to watch this too, to learn someone else’s Success Secrets. You can check it out at:

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