If you’ve hit the financial glass ceiling and you intend to break it…then focus on increasing your income by speaking.

This article will show you how.

There are several ways to make money as a speaker:


1) Find Speaking Engagements:


Organizations and companies often hire speakers to speak at conferences, meetings, and other events. The fee for these engagements can vary widely depending on the speaker’s level of expertise and the size of the audience.


2) Keynote Speeches:

Many speakers are hired to deliver keynote speeches at events such as business conferences, conventions, and trade shows. These engagements can be highly lucrative and can lead to additional speaking opportunities.


3) Hosting Workshops and Seminars:


Speakers can also make money by delivering workshops and seminars on a specific topic, and they can even be delivered online.


4) Promoting Your Consulting Services:


Some speakers also offer consulting services during or after speaking engagements.

This can include coaching, consulting, and other forms of providing services based on expertise. This has been highly lucrative for me… and my clients from around the world.   


5) Offering Products:


Speakers can make money by creating and selling products such as books, CDs, DVDs, and online courses.

Keep in mind they don’t make as much as someone selling Coaching and Consulting Services.


6) Sponsorships:


Some speakers can also make money by partnering with organizations or companies and promoting their products or services.


7) Building a Bigger Audience:


By being more visible and consistently providing value via speaking engagements, creating content, and being active on social media can help you breakthrough the glass ceiling and monetizing your speaking.

It’s worth noting that making money as a speaker takes time and effort, and not all speakers are able to make a full-time income from speaking engagements alone.

Most speakers need to supplement their speaking income…

which is why Speaking is great for Coaches and Consultants selling their programs

and it becomes a great marketing platform for them too!


My new Speaker Personality Quiz is designed to help you understand the unique way YOU communicate with your audience.

By uncovering your “speaker personality”, you’ll be able to sell from the stage with ease and connect with your audience on a level that feels natural and authentic. You can finally start attracting an audience that “gets” you, and selling from the stage will feel like second nature.

As you might imagine, having this information is kind of a game-changer.

Ready to find out your speaker personality?

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