How much do you pay a keynote speaker? There are three variables that you want to consider when determining how much you pay a keynote speaker.

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3 Options You Can Choose From to Find Out How Much Do You Pay A Keynote Speaker

Option 1: Experience, Expertise, Credibility

The first variable is their level of experience, expertise and credibility.

A new speaker may earn one thousand dollars for a keynote presentation.  And a more advanced speaker might earn five-thousand, ten-thousand and even fifteen-thousand for a similar keynote presentation topic.

Level of Experience, Credibility, and Followership

When determining how much you pay a keynote speaker, you want to research their level of speaking experience, their niche credibility, and their social media speaker following.  For example, with social media, you will want to know if they have millions of followers or a thousand following them professionally as a speaker. Obviously, their fees are going to be higher if your prospective keynote speaker has a million followers verses someone who has five thousand followers.

Frequency and Time

Another factor that determines how much you pay a keynote speaker is how often are they speaking and how long have they been presenting. You want to make sure that you book a speaker that has a level of the speaking experience that makes you feel confident in that they’ll deliver great information to your audience.

Option 2: Travel

The second variable is travel.

  • Are you asking the keynote speaker to travel by car to you?
  • Are you asking them to get on a flight or travel internationally to this event?

That is a big expense factor.


You want to determine if you’re going to cover their expenses including hotel room, flight, gas, and anything else that might be involved in booking this keynote speaker.

You can also ask the keynote speaker to cover their travel expenses, which would be included in their speaker fee and what they would be charging you for the presentation for the keynote.

Option 3: Time

And the last variable is the length of time that you’re going to ask them to be with your organization, company or group.

For example, are you asking them to deliver a 90-minute presentation or 45-minute keynote presentation? Or are you asking them to attend meetings as well, like networking gatherings and social events? Also, are you asking them to do any type of pre-event training, coaching or surveys, or post-event follow-up for your audience?

These are the essential factors in determining how much you pay a keynote speaker. Remember, this list went you want to book your next speaker or keynote.

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