How do I get opportunities for public speaking? This is a super common question. People ask me all the time “How do I get opportunities for public speaking?”

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3 Things Every Speaker Needs to Do to Get the Right Speaking Engagements for Their Needs

There are three things that you want to focus on.

#1 Who is Your Audience?

First you just wanted to determine who is in your audience.

  • Are you speaking specifically to moms?
  • Are you speaking to accountants?
  • Do you want to speak to specific types of corporations?
  • Do you want to speak to business owners and entrepreneurs?

Determine who is in your audience first, because if you’re not clear on who you are speaking to, you can’t find those audiences.

#2 Use the Power of Google Alerts

The next thing you want to do is you want to set up a Google alert.

  • You can just start by searching Google on how to set up a Google alert so that you can get speaking opportunities directly into your email inbox.  It is easy to search how to and Google will tell you what steps to take to set it up.
  • When setting up Google Alerts you will put in the criteria that you would like. For example, maybe you want to speak at a podiatrist contact conference. Who doesn’t want to speak at a Podiatrist conference?  I hope you know this is an “off the cuff” example because most aren’t looking to speak to Podiatrist.  Maybe you want to speak at another type of conference.  Either way, you will simply follow these steps.
  • When setting up your Google Alert you will put in the words “Podiatrist Conference” or the type of speaking engagements you are looking for.  You can even add in words like “needing a speaker”, “looking for a speaker”, “keynote speaker wanted,” etc.  Google Alert will send you an email when there’s any news really related to a podiatrist content conference.
  • Maybe you want to speak to moms and maybe there’s a mom’s conference or mom’s association in the news. You can put “Mom’s Conference” or a “Mom’s Association” and Google will send you those alerts anytime they are in the news.

Once that happens you will need to follow up with the group or conference organizers.

Learn how to Grow Your Business and Learn How to Get Speaking Engagements

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#3 Find Websites that List Speaking Opportunities

There are websites out there that list event, conference and group meetings that you can speak at.

  • You can search for, and other websites like to look for groups that bring in speakers. These are really awesome places to search for speaking opportunities.
  • Remember, you want to look for groups that are bringing in speakers, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

Once again, you need to contact the group organizers to speak with them about getting a speaking engagement for their group.

Those are three awesome ways that answer the common question, “How do I get opportunities for public speaking?”

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