Emotionally unavailable when I needed her most, criticizing birthday gifts I bought her, angry when she didn’t get her way, laughing at me when I would cry, that sums up many of my childhood experiences with my Mom.  As I moved into adulthood, I spent time healing the emotional baggage from our clearly dysfunctional Mother-Daughter relationship; however I still hoped and prayed that one day we would have the loving bond that I dreamed about.

It took an unexpected turn of events that changed EVERYTHING. To my surprise my prayers were answered unexpectedly, during a psychic medium reading that took place after my Mom passed away last year.  Since I had questions and needed clarity on our distant and dysfunctional relationship, I reached out to a friend who could communicate with my deceased Mom on my behalf. The outcome was profound.

What I learnt from a psychic reading

This after death psychic reading experience shed a whole new light on my physical and spiritual relationship with my Mother.  My Mom was now able to share things with me in Spirit that she was never able to share with me during her physical life.

Like many, the first thing I wanted to know was how she was—what was her life like since she was now in the spirit world and how was she since her transition.  I was incredibly surprised by her answer because it was so much more than I could imagine.

My Mom’s Spirit responded “Don’t worry about me.  I am more than okay.   I am in really good hands.  I am totally surrounded in love just like if there are hands holding me in a loving circle.  Their intention is to help me heal and comfort me.   I’m going through a core healing right now and healing it all.”

A pivotal moment of acknowledgment

I almost fell to the floor when my Mom’s Spirit continues to speak and said “In my life I was a screaming banshee and didn’t know what I was doing during those times.  I was a Bitch! I was not always nice because I was unable to manage my anger and sadness. I took things that happened in the past personally.  I am releasing that now. Now I feel grateful, loved and comforted.”

This was a pivotal moment because it was like my Mom was finally acknowledging her negative behavior and why she acted that way.  The best part was that my Mom was now getting the healing she never got to experience in the physical realm.

How does my Mom feel about me now?

Like most children of dysfunctional parental relationships, I really wanted to know how my Mother felt about me.  I eagerly awaited her response to my question “How does my Mom feel about me now?”

From the moment my Mother’s Spirit responded, I was literally in awe of her response.  I could feel a deeper healing inside of me that was occurring as soon as she started to say “I am very proud of my daughter because she found her joy and passion and who she is today.  I never got to do that.

Through my daughter’s life’s work, I can be proud of my legacy.  I honor my daughter and I feel accomplished through her.  As my daughter attains it, I attain it energetically.  I can feel it and claim it because as she is growing personally and spiritually, I grow too.

There is no separation between her and me.  My spirit doesn’t feel sad because I wasn’t able to do it because I can now claim it.  There are no barriers.  That is the bond I have with my daughter.  As she grows spiritually, it helps my spirit grow too.” 

As she spoke these words, I got “God Bumps” all over my body.  Our connection was much deeper than I had ever thought possible.

What does she see in my future?

At this point, we were on a feel good roll!  Since it was clear that we were now growing and evolving spiritually together, I had to ask my Mom “What does she see in my future?”

My Mom’s Spirit’s responded “Brilliant!  Brilliant! Brilliant! My daughter is the Brightest Shining Star at that edge of a Brilliance that awaits her.  It’s incomprehensible.  She hasn’t stepped into it yet.  It’s right ahead of her like the sun.”

As my Mom expressed these positive words in the reading, I could feel them deep inside my core.  They meant the world to me.  Whether my Mom’s view of my future was accurate or not was irrelevant because finally she was the supportive, encouraging and loving Mom I always dreamed about having. 

I was starting to realize I now had the relationship with the Mom I always wanted.  If I needed to share my joy or my challenges, this experience opened me up to realize even though she couldn’t cheer me on in the physical realm she was certainly my biggest supporter from above.

The Mother-Daughter bond is way stronger

I thought that was my OMG moment, however after this glorious reading with my Mom’s Spirit, it got even better.  Since that time, my Mom has been an incredible presence in my life and had made sure that our bond is way stronger than I could have ever imagined before.

Soon after the mediumship reading, my Mom has continued to make her presence known. On a typical weekday, my family and I left our house for our daily walk; small white butterflies kept coming gently towards us.  I am talking hundreds, like 400.  It had never happened before.  I knew intuitively that this was my Mom showing off her new spiritual skills.

Another time occurred when I was dealing with the memory of a past business situation that was hindering me from moving forward with a future project.  I was blaming myself for a business decision that didn’t work out the way I hoped it would.  I kept running the situation over and over again in my head.  I was looking for help so I started talking to my Mom about it.

How my Mom helps me now

As soon as I started sharing my feelings with her, I heard my Mom say “I got this!”  Within a few seconds I could feel a total release of the negative impact that the past decision was having on me.  Instantly, I was able to look at it objectively and was free from the drama of that situation for good. Of course I said repeatedly “Wow! Wow!  Wow! Thanks Mom!”

The most pivotal and profoundly healing moment was when I was alone in my car and talking with my Mom’s Spirit about things that were going on in my life.  I started to get sad about our dysfunctional past relationship and I said “I wish we had the Mother-Daughter relationship and close connection I always wanted when you were here physically.”  I heard my Mom’s Spirit reply “We have that now and we will have it forever.”

I started to cry tears of joy because that powerful spiritual conversation was one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given in my entire life.  It had clearly showed me that the bond I had yearned for since I was a child, was fully present now.  It reminded me that I finally have the Mother-Daughter relationship that I always wanted and it’s ETERNAL.

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