When my friend told me that she would no longer let anyone dim her light, including going full out, speaking her truth and being exuberant
I felt like Divine Timing and Spirit was speaking to me directly through my friend ✨
Most would say that I live a very full life, including creating a passionate and profitable business, taking amazing vacations, and living an awesome life on the beach with my fabulous husband and two adopted fur kids.
I didn’t realize the thing that most don’t know about me…
Is I let other people’s opinions and thoughts about me dictate how I showed up in this world.
The moment my friend shared her experience with me, I started to look at all the times in my life when other people’s beliefs about how I should behave dictated how I showed up. As she shared her experience, it was like a movie started to play in my head.
I saw scene after scene where people I looked up to telling me, including coaches, that:
I was overly excited, and no one would want to hire me if I was this way.
✅ There was something wrong with me because I wasn’t getting the results others had gotten.
✅ I was too loud and needed to be quiet – even when I was celebrating a big win.


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I couldn’t ignore the message! It was clear that all this was coming up to be healed now

Even though I had done lots of personal and spiritual development and am light years beyond my childhood trauma, I didn’t realize these moments in time…

Dictated how I showed up in this world and were making me dim my light.

The moment my friend shared her breakthrough, it was an absolute breakthrough for me.

I kept saying this is a “Drop the Mic Moment!”

I realized I was no longer going to do things to fit in.

If I want to be loud and playful, I will be loud and playful.

If I want to be bold in a situation, I will be bold.

If I feel inspired to jump for joy, I will do that too!

I was taming my fun personal expression and dimming my light as a way to fit in and not make waves.

The one thing I will tell you is I’m going to be truly myself in all situations… and not give a hoot about who likes me or doesn’t like me.

I am setting myself free to experience a new level of fun, exuberant, playful, loud, and celebratory self-expression.

I’m claiming it now, and if you’re reading this, you probably totally get what I’m saying!

Send me an email and let me know if you have dimmed your light in the past and are ready to join me and hold nothing back year – because…

It is Time to Shine!


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