“I’m not letting anyone dim my light any longer AmondaRose.”

My friend sat across from me, eyes glistening with this newfound power and sense of self. After years of struggling to thrust her full self into the spotlight, she had finally reached her breaking point.

Little did she know that her breakthrough set the stage for mine 💞.

While many people would say that I live a very full life—filled with a passionate and profitable business, amazing vacations, and living an awesome life on the beach—I was still letting other people’s opinions dictate how I showed up in this world.

After that vulnerable, inspiring moment with my friend, I started to look at all the times in my life when other people’s beliefs about how I should behave dictated how I showed up.

I saw scene after scene where people I looked up (many of them coaches) to told me that:

✅ I was overly excited, and no one would want to hire me unless I chilled out.

✅ There was something wrong with me because I wasn’t getting the results others had gotten.

✅ I was too loud and needed to be quiet—even when I was celebrating a big win.

Back then, I succumbed. They were the experts. I was there to learn.

But now? Now, I call BS.


If I want to be loud and playful, I will be loud and playful.

If I want to be bold in a situation, I will be bold.

If I feel inspired to jump for joy, I will J-U-M-P.



I am setting myself free to experience a new level of fun, exuberant, playful, loud, and celebratory self-expression. And I don’t give a hoot who likes it or not. 

I’m claiming this for me—and I’m claiming it for you too.


Send me an email and let me know if you have dimmed your light in the past and are ready to join me and hold nothing back this year!

Because it’s about time we shined, don’t you think?

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