Would you like to know how to go from prospective client to paying client super-fast by closing more sales?  The critical mistakes the people make when offering their products and services?

Well, you are in the right place because I’m going to help you do that today in this blog and video.

I am AmondaRose Igoe. Speaking Success Strategist. I am an award winning speaking expert and best-selling author, specializing in helping you speak your way to more sales helping clients craft and deliver the perfectly targeted message, so they can effectively sell from the stage.

Mastering the One to One Conversation

And today we are going to be talking about the one to one conversations.

Because, if you make an offer from the stage to move people into a strategy session or a consult you need to know how to close that business too!

For those that are not speaking from the stage this will help you as well, because, as a business owner and entrepreneur, many of us need to know how to move those clients into paying clients, and to do it quickly!

Prospective Client Conversations that Get Results

Now, when I talk about prospective client conversations many people get really nervous and uncomfortable.  They’re thinking ‘oh my God this is the hardest part in my business; I hate to do stuff like this!  This is really uncomfortable for me.’

Or maybe they are comfortable but do not get the results they want.

You might be nodding your head going ‘that’s me!’ This is why you’re listening to this YouTube video and watching it because you know something needs to change!

So, I am going to share with you three very, very important principles and things that you want to implement during you one to one conversations with prospective clients.

1. Control the Conversation

The first one is: control the conversation.

Now, I have been in situations where someone just rambled on.   Now, I think it’s really important, in sales, to listen to what somebody has to share with you.  However, sometimes they don’t stop talking at all!

So how do you handle that right up front?  You want to be able to start a conversation with what exactly your objectives are.

Are you going to hear about where their challenges are?

Are you going to talk about a plan for how they can change things?

And are you going to share your next step with them, which would be to work with you?

You want to kind of lay that out earlier on in the beginning of the conversations, so they know what’s expected!

And this way tends to set the guidelines and it will hinder people from rambling on or thinking that this is a free conversation and you are going to give all your information away for free; which leads us to the next point.

2. Don’t Give All Your Information Away for Free

Many times especially heart based entrepreneur or business owners they tend to want to give, they want to serve, and they want to help.  So, they end up giving so much quality information in that consult or the strategy session.

But the person might not even choose to work with them because they think that they got everything they needed from this conversation!  Why should they take out their credit card?!

It happens all the time!

Give Some Information

You want to make sure that you don’t cross the fine line of giving all your information away for free, or putting too much in it.

Now in strategy sessions or consult or break through sessions or discovery sessions or whatever you call it, you absolutely want to give some information that is helpful to that person.

But when they go ‘well, thank you so much; I have so much to implement since our conversation, and I will work with you in the future’ you know you’ve gone down the wrong path, giving too much information away for free!

3. Be a Problem Solver!

The next one and the final one is: be a problem solver!

You really want to find out where their challenges are.

I was talking to somebody that was in the health care industry.  And we talked about how she needs to start really finding about why they applied for this time to speak with her.

What was going on that it was important to them?  They just didn’t all of a sudden one day decide that ‘you know, I need to look at my healthcare insurance!’ No something happened!

So get to that something that happened.  In that case it might have been that she was watching TV and somebody got into a bad accident and they thought that ‘oh my gosh, something like that could happen to me or my family, and we need better insurance’.

Who knows what happened in her life!

Get to the Root of the Problem

But you want to make sure you get to the root of that problem that they want solved.

Now that you know exactly what you need to do I want you to be able to also have access to more information.  Apply for a 30 minute strategy session and learn more about speaking your way to more sales.

Close more business, so that you can create more consistent clients and cash flow, and ultimately, help more people through sales.

Make it a great day today!

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