I would love to tell you that every presentation I have delivered in the last 20-plus years as a speaker has been amazing.

As speakers, we are also human beings. We have off days, even though we would love every presentation to be our 100% best.

Here is what I have learned: It is essential to be grateful for The Good, The Bad and The Really Not So Good presentations. Yes,  be grateful for every single one of them.

1. Be thankful for every presentation that didn’t go well because it taught you lessons you needed to know… and showed you ways to be a better speaker.

2. Be grateful for every time you got a blank stare and/or confused look from an audience… because it was a sign that something wasn’t communicated clearly and needed to change.

3. Be appreciative for every presentation opportunity that didn’t work out the way you hoped it would… because it taught you resilience and showed you that you could keep going for it.

4. Be thankful for every audience that didn’t love your presentation because it helped you realize you’re not the right fit for everyone, and they aren’t the right fit for you.

5. Be grateful to everyone who said you couldn’t do it because you’re showing them you can.

6.  Be appreciative of every positive comment you have received from an audience… because they are helping you see and/or remember your worth and value.

As a speaker, we are always striving to be our best.

Learn from your mistakes and your wins. Your not-so-great presentations can be your greatest teachers. Be grateful for them all.

Now is the time to be thankful for every presentation opportunity, challenge, mistake and lesson…

so that you can be one totally awesome, shining star, epic, and fabulous speaker. Just like you are destined to be.

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