Are you struggling to create work life balance?

Do you feel pulled in many directions with little time for yourself?

When is the last time you had some FUN?


I was raised to believe you had to work really hard to be super successful.  Did that happen to you too?

Or are discovering that people pleasing, is taking a toll on your life and your precious family time

If YES, and you are realizing these behaviors aren’t working for you, I am here to tell you it is time for a change. I tried to do it all, to be all for everyone and it didn’t work for me either.  

It only left me burnt out, emotionally spent and physically exhausted.  You too? You will be glad to know that everything shifted when I discovered exactly what I needed to balance work, family and fun so I could have a life I truly enjoyed.  


Learn the steps I implemented that worked for me. Here are 3 Smart Ways to Balance Work, Family and Fun:  


Setting electronic boundaries is not about putting up a wireless fence to keep people away from you. What it means is that you need to separate the things that you use electronically for business and one’s that are used for personal time.

Electric boundaries, aka time out from your work related internet and phone world, may sound crazy, however this is what I have to do to ensure that when I close my office, I am completely out of the office – physically and mentally. 

My cell phone is used for personal reasons only.  I am not a medical doctor, so I am not dealing with emergency situations when my clients or prospective clients call me – they can wait until I return back into the office.  I do not use my cell phone for business e-mails either, otherwise I never feel like I have time off.  

In the past when I used my cell phone for business, I always felt like I had to check it for the latest e-mail or social media update.  

How do I not use my cell phone for business related calls?

The way that works for me best is that I still have a land line phone, Vonage is my VOIP provider, rather than just a cell phone because I can’t take it with me. 

Today, I know when I am off, I am off.  The best part is I am rested and refreshed to ensure my clients get my best and when I am at work and my family and friends get my best when I am off.  



I used to work 12 hour days because I was told by others that you had to work hard if you wanted something.  Today, I can tell you how the energy of pushing and forcing felt awful  because I was trying to make it happen.  

And you know where that got me — nowhere fast.  

Everything changed when I had heard a few people say that when they took more time off and stopped working all the time, they actually made more money. So I tried it!

YES!  It is true because the pushing and forcing is like a repellent to the things you want.  It literally pushes clients away everything from financial income to healthy relationships.  

At first I didn’t even know how to have normal hours and let go of the belief system that you have to work hard.  It all changed after I read Hiring the Heavens.  Right after reading that book, I hired an Ease, Grace and Fun Angel to help me get some balance in my life.  Anytime I was overworking and felt stressed out, I would yell “Grace! I don’t know how to stop working so hard, please show me how.”  Grace showed me how because soon after doing that I released working on weekends, started taking an hour for lunch, closed my office everyday by 5:30 pm and even took 4 weeks vacation every year.

You can read more about my experience with Hiring the Heavens and how I hired Angels to help me in this article: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs – How to Say Good-bye to Working Hard and Say Hello to Working Smarter.



As a speaker, coach and author, one of the most important things that I have learned is that my clients will model my behavior.  If they see me working like crazy and missing out on life, they will think they have to do the same.  For someone that is new to business or has been struggling for sometime, stressed out and overwhelmed is not appealing as a coach and/or role model.  

Why would my clients ever want to model someone who is overworked and unhappy.  Not very appealing is it?  

I always keep in mind that my clients are watching how I do things and often model how I run my business.  I want my clients to model positive behaviors that teach them how to balance work, family and fun which means respecting their time off. 

I want my clients to have a personal and social life so they can look back in time without regrets and say I am glad I took time off for me and my family. I want my clients to have time to exercise and eat right, which rarely happens when one is working like crazy.

I want my clients to know that they can have it all and do it with EASE, GRACE AND FUN!  That is what I want for you too!

Here is the most important thing that you can remember about this tip – your clients are modeling your behavior too!

So, are you being a shining example of balance for others to follow?

What behaviors do you want your clients to model?  

Time to take a serious look and make some changes if you need to. 

If you are struggling with discovering how to balance your work, family and fun, make sure you comment below.  I will respond as soon as I am able.  


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