Rising Stars Speaker Contest for Women

Rising Stars Speaker Contest is for WOMEN who want to speak to an in-person audience... so you can share your message with more people, gain a new level of confidence and up-level your speaking skills now

Saturday, August 28, 2021 | 9 am - 5 pm

Hyatt Place, West Palm Beach, FL

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You can register as as contestant or a spectator... and 10% of all ticket sales support Women's Foundation of FL and Pace Center for Girls

Is Rising Stars Speaker Contest Right for You?

If you answer YES to any of these points below, then you belong at Rising Stars Speaker Contest

  • You're a new to mid-level female speaker who wants an opportunity to speak to a group of like-minded women who believe empowered women empower other women.
  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to create a profitable business through sharing your message.
  • You’re always open to learning and to improve your public speaking skills.
  • You’re a messenger who wants to use your gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.
  • You’re a passionate leader who wants to teach others powerful principles that have helped you.
  • You’re searching for a community of women who are impact driven.
  • You’re a teacher, coach, author or speaker who wants to expand your network, expertise and communication skills.
  • You believe that your life is here for a reason... and it is time to make your dreams come true.

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* 10% of all ticket sales support non-profit Women's Organizations

* Get your spot now for $27 because we have very limited Rising Stars Speaker Contest spots Here is why you need to select Ticket Option # 1. Whether you want to speak about your personal story of transformation, would like to share tips that have helped you, make people laugh or inspire others to make positive changes, you will love the Rising Stars Speaker Contest. Many of the women in attendance will use this opportunity jump-start their speaking, get more experience, and improve their skill level. Plus, as a speaker, you will have a chance to win the Grand Prize worth $5200 and other awesome prizes!

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* Get your non-speaker spot now for $17 because the spots will fill up quickly. Pick option # 2 if you prefer to not be a presenter and would like to attend only. The good news is that you will be in a room full of like-minded, inspiring and supportive women while you watch the Rising Stars Speaker Contest participants present. And you can also utilize this ticket option to support a friend who is speaking in the contest.

What You Will Experience

  • Shine Your Light

Embrace your unique gifts and share them in a bigger way. You will be able to pick your 5-minute speaker presentation theme from 3 topics which include Story Teller, Motivator and Educator (click here to learn more about the speaker topics)

  • Find Your Brilliant Voice

Hone your presentation and communication skills to help you grow personally and professionally.

  • Experience First Hand Your Impact on the World

Get started sharing your message with more people, even if you’re unsure where to begin or if you are on the right path.

We provide you with an audience of supportive women who will appreciate the information you are sharing during your presentation.

  • Create Relationships with Other Supportive Women

The heart-centered and supportive connections you can make with other women can be life-changing. You will have the opportunity to create life-long relationships with other women that will exceed your expectations.

  • Opportunity to Win Rising Star Speaker Contest Prizes

Three prize winning opportunities - one from each category including...

Top Winner will receive a Rising Star Speaker Trophy, Opportunity to Speak at 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women, a VIP Experience Ticket to 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women, and 60-minutes of Coaching from AmondaRose Igoe, Rising Stars Speaker Contest Host - Value $5200!

* Click here for more contest prize info

3 Rising Star Speaker Contest Topics to Choose From

You might feel like there are so many things you would like to speak about and/or share in your five minute presentation. When registering we are are asking you to choose the topic that most expresses what you would like to speak about right now. Here are the three contest topics and some ideas to get you started.

Your 3 Rising Stars Speaker Topic Options Are:

Speaker Topic Option #1 - Story Teller

Are you ready to share how you overcame a challenge to uplift the audience?

You realize you have a story to share about how you changed your life in a positive way based on a past experience.

You feel you are ready to share an emotional, uplifting, and encouraging story to help others move forward in their life.

Story Teller Speaker Topics can include and not limited to:

  • Removing a Limiting Belief
  • Finding Your Purpose and Passion
  • Sharing Your Hero's Journey
  • Relationship Challenges Overcome
  • Turning Around Health Challenges
  • Getting Unstuck and Thriving
  • Finding Blessings amongst the Breakdown Moment
  • Life Lesson Learned

Speaker Topic Option #2 - Motivator

Are you wanting to motivate and inspire others to make positive changes?

You know that you are on this earth to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

You feel the information you would like to share will help people improve their lives and motivate them to make positive changes so they can create a better life.

Inspirer Speaker Topics can include and not limited to:

  • Motivation
  • Goal Achievement
  • Mindset Improvements
  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Change
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Relationships
  • Meditation
  • Recovery
  • Gratitude

Speaker Topic Option # 3 - Educator

Do you want to share your expertise with others?

You feel that your tips, strategies or tools empower others to improve their life and/or their business.

You like to share information based on your experience as it relates to a subject or topic.

You equip people with information that will help them excel, grow or improve some aspect of their life.

Educator Speaker Topics can include and are not limited to:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Spiritual Techniques
  • Personal Development Tools
  • Professional Growth Strategies
  • Financial Resources
  • Relationship Skills
  • Mindset Techniques
  • Goal Setting

Keep in mind that all presentations must be respectful of others, including race, religion, culture, sexual orientation and gender identity. We also do not allow political topics and promotional selling during your speaker contest presentation.

Totally Awesome Contest Prizes

Grand Prize Rising Star Speaker Winner Receives:

  • Beautiful Rising Star Speaker Winner Trophy
  • Be a Speaker and Present for 15 Minutes on Stage at 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women, Oct. 7-9, Hutchinson Island, Stuart, FL... where you will will be speaking to an International Audience)
  • VIP Experience Ticket to 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women, Oct. 7-9, Hutchinson Island, Stuart, FL
  • Sixty-Minute Speaker Training / Coaching Package from AmondaRose Igoe, Contest Host


Second and Third Place Rising Stars Speaker Runner Ups Receives:

  • Rising Stars Speaker Contest Runner Up Award
  • General Admission Ticket to 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women, Oct. 7-9, Hutchinson Island, Stuart, FL


* Prize Winners will be announced during the event and must be present to win.

Rising Stars Speaker Contest Judges

Our all women panel of judges consist of international experts and highly-regarded celebrities, speakers and coaches

AmondaRose Igoe

AmondaRose Igoe is the 6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist. She is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert, & Best-Selling Author. She is the Creator of the 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event and Rising Stars Speaker Contest for Women

Kellie Olver

Kellie Olver is a former host of two national shopping channels, HSN and TSC with 22,000 hours of live television experience and 1 Billion Dollars in product sales. Kellie has worked with celebrities such as Joan Rivers & Wolfgang Puck

Denise Sawyer

Denise Sawyer is a two-time Associated Press award-winning television journalist, who now works as a CBS12 News Reporter and weekend Anchor. She served as Director of Communications for Ocean Pines, Md., where she oversaw public relations, television channel, social media and more.

Frances Umpierre

Frances "Franny" Umpierre is an on-air radio personality on Real Radio 92.1, an iHeart Radio Station. She is the cohost of "The Penthouse" Monday-Friday 9a-1p, and the host of an iHeart Radio Podcast called "Pillow Talk with Franny and Maegan".

September Dorhmann

September Dorhmann is the current President and CEO of CEO Space International, in what Forbes.com called a "must-attend" for entrepreneurs.

Becca Powers

Becca Powers is an Award-Winning Fortune 500 Sales Executive, Life and Career Reinvention Coach, and Author or Harness Your Inner CEO: Rise into Passion, Prosperity, and Personal Power 

Rising Stars Speaker Contest Details

* What if I am just getting started as a speaker? Is this speaker contest right for me?  

Absolutely! In fact, it's extremely helpful because you will be able to speak in a supportive environment and build your confidence. This speaker contest would be a super smart decision for you!

* What if I am already a speaker and have had some success?  

The contest is open to new to mid-level women speakers, business owners, and female leaders so if you feel you are mid-level speaker you are a fit You won't be competing with advanced speakers with tons of experience. Remember, the best speakers in the world are always looking to fine tune and get better.

* Is the contest for women only?  

The contest is open to anyone who identifies as a women and is at least 25 years old. 

* What are the event Covid precautions?

We do our best to provide a safe and positive experience for all. And along with the Hyatt place event location Covid protocols, we have put in place temperature taking at registration, mask wearing recommendation, and disinfecting protocols to ensure you feel comfortable attending the contest. We can not legally enforce mask wearing, however we do recommend all participants wear a mask when they are not delivering their presentation.

* Where and When is the Rising Stars Speaker Contest?

This year's contest will be held at the Hyatt Place West Palm Beach, Downtown, 295 Lakeview Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 on Saturday, August 28 from 9 am to 5 pm (Hotel Room Block info of $129 a night on confirmation page)

* How much time do I have to speak?

Each speaker will be given five minutes to present on their chosen topic. Judges will be begin applauding when your five minutes are up and speaker must end at that time.

If time allows during the contest event, there will be other opportunities for some fun presentation activities.

* When is the Rising Stars Speaker Contest award ceremony and prizes given out?

Contest Prize Winners will be announced after all speakers have presented and the contest points have been tallied. Winners must be present to win or prize will go to the next runner up.

* What topics can I speak about?

You will have the option of selecting one of the three topics, which include Story Teller, Motivator and Educator. All topics must be respectful of others. To read more about each of the topics and get ideas to speak about, click here.

* What topics are not accepted?

All presentations must be respectful of others. Any presentations that include information related to politics, promotional selling and degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and gender identity will be asked to immediately leave the event, and no refunds will be issued.

* What is the difference between the two ticket options?

The Speaker Ticket option gives you an opportunity to present for 5 minutes based on your selected topic (click here for topic information), be supported by other women heart-centered women, and have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, including the Grand Prize Package valued at $5200.

The Attend Only Non-Speaker Ticket option is for attending the event only and does not give you the option to present. However, it does give you the ability to learn from the incredible speakers and support other speakers as they stretch and grow.

* Can I use Power Point Slides or Handouts?

The audience and judges would like to focus on you and the information your are sharing during your presentation. Therefore, all presentations are delivered without slides and handouts to avoid distractions.

* Is my ticket refundable?

All tickets are 100% refundable within 30 days of the event. If you'd like to get a refund for your ticket(s) within 30 days of the event, we may have individuals on a ticket waiting list, so feel free to reach out. To request a refund 30-days prior to the Rising Stars Speaker Contest or to gift your ticket to a friend, please call us toll-free at 800-610-9056 or contact our support team here.

* Can I video tape my presentation?

Yes, you can video tape your presentation for review afterward. Please have your camera ready to go prior to your presentation beginning and have a friend ready to record for you. We will not have time to allow for recording set up.

As long as you have permission from the judges and any of the participants in your video, you can share your presentation video on social media. You must get permission first. If sharing on social media, please mention Rising Stars Speaker Contest and the judges when you do. And remember to include #RisingStarsSpeakerContest :)

Meet AmondaRose Igoe, Rising Stars Speaker Contest Host

AmondaRose Igoe, “6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist,” is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Professionals step-by-step speaking systems so they can effectively share their signature message and skyrocket their presentation results.

AmondaRose is the author of “Pain-Free Public Speaking” and “Share Your Story” and is a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series: “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The power AmondaRose's training has helped her clients from around the globe overcome their biggest speaking challenges and achieve massive monetary results. She has trained and coached business professionals in over 20 different countries.  

10% of Ticket Sales will be donated to support Florida Non-Profits

Women's Florida Foundation

The Women's Foundation of Florida empowers women and girls to be leaders, so they can change the world. We invest in their ideas and encourage their leadership to positively affect the economic, political, and social status of women and girls across Florida. We are a volunteer led organization; our programming is planned and organized by committees of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to create opportunities for women and girls. Committee members have the added opportunity to hone their own skills in the process. Our programs range from professional development to campaign training and mentorship and STEAM education for girls!  Learn more at www.WomensFoundationFL.org 

Pace Center for Girls has transformed the lives of girls and young women for more than thirty-five years. Founded in 1985 with ten girls at one Center in Jacksonville, Florida, Pace has successfully grown to annually serve more than 3,000 girls in 22 locations in Florida and Georgia. Pace was established as a community response realizing that girls involved in the justice system were being placed in programs designed for boys or further into the system for their protection. Guided by research-based recommendations, Pace created an alternative to incarceration for girls. Pace is the sole provider of gender-responsive programming in Florida with services designed for the unique developmental needs of girls. Pace uses a strength-based, gender responsive and trauma informed approach to re-engage girls in learning, improve academic performance, and increase pro-social skills while addressing underlying trauma. Pace Palm Beach serves approximately 100 girls per year and since opening in 1996, Pace Palm Beach has served more than 2,000 girls. https://www.pacecenter.org/

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