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By learning from a Public Speaking Training and Presentation Coach with proven client results, any speaker can reach their true speaking potential and improve their ability to communicate whether they are presenting in front of a large group, or, simply, one on one.

Are the speakers who speak easily and with confidence are more intelligent? Do some people effectively speak in public because they have a higher level of education? Are they naturally confident? Have they had years of experience? Or, maybe, they just have a better personality!


Pain-Free Public Speaking – Your Guide to Public Speaking Success

Whether you are attending a business networking luncheon, speaking to a group of Sunday school students or attending a one on one business meeting, you are speaking in public. It is something we do everyday.

All our lives we have been speaking in public. However, for most of us we have never been trained. Society expects us to be great speakers without any formal training. All great communicators are committed to learning and growing so they can master the art of public speaking.

The Pain-Free Public Speaking Book is essential to your public speaker success!

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Share Your Story – 5 Steps to Turn Your Story into the Impact, Influence and Income You Desire

When it comes to having a story to tell, I have been exactly where you have been, and many of my speaking clients have too. I wanted to share my personal story of transformation; however, I didn’t have a clue how to share my personal story and life experiences in one-on-one conversations and public speaking presentations.

Today, it is a complete different scenario because I have shared my many stories of personal transformation on television, in books and at live events.  As a result of opening sharing my personal experiences, I have helped my public speaking training and presentation coaching clients from around the globe effectively tell their story so they can make a difference and generate significant income as a result!

No matter where you are in your ability to share your story, I am going to help you move forward with a new level of story-telling and presentation confidence, ease and excitement. I am going to take the guesswork out of story-telling, lay out a clear plan for you to follow, and give you the tools to get started.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul – Devotional Stories for Women

101 Daily Devotions to Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire Women

I had the blessed opportunity to be a Contributing Author in the #1 Best-Selling Book Series Chicken Soup for the Soul.  It wasn’t even something I had planned on.  The opportunity unexpectedly showed up and like magic one thing led to another.  I said “Yes” to opportunity and being a Chicken Soup for the Soul Author was the end result.

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