Enjoy this incredible interview with Juliet Dillon Clark and learn how to Promote, Profit and Publish. You will learn a ton… and watch for my shock and awe when Juliet said… (Got to watch it to find out.)

Juliet Dillon Clark. Juliet is a veteran of the publishing and advertising worlds, Juliet is an entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years helping. corporate companies, start-ups and author incubators world-wide build their expert platforms. Juliet took her knowledge of what it really takes to make money from a book, formed Super Brand Publishing, and began helping others learn to self-publish the right way. Juliet and Super Brand Publishing have helped hundreds of authors establish themselves as experts and earn money from their expertise BEFORE they publish. She believes that the key to prosperity lies in putting the right steps in the right order. Get ready to Promote, Profit and Publish.

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