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     By: AmondaRose Igoe – March 12, 2019 – Posted in: Tips

Are you looking for speaker power poses you can use to make your presentation successful? Learn more about the top three speaker power poses that you can use immediately and in your next presentation. 

Let’s get started and talk about the three speaker power poses that will increase your presentation results.  You might have seen these poses because successful speakers like myself use them all the time.  Now, you will know how to use these speaker power poses!


3 Speaker Power Poses that Will Increase Your Presentation Results

Watch the video below to find more insights about our three speaker power poses or scroll down to read the full blog post.

Find this video about the 3 types of speaker poses that indicate power on YouTube.


#1 Spread Your Wings

Spread your arms wide and fill the entire space.  

  • You don’t need to stay in the position with your arms open wide.
  • You are going to bring your arms up and say your point.
  • Imagine you are going to fill the space energetically with your arms up and wide.
  • Once you made your point, you’re going to bring your arms back down.

You will find that you immediately feel more powerful.


Share a Power Statement

For example, if I would raise my arms and open them wide at or above my shoulder height, I might say “This is an amazing strategy to help you compel your audience to move them forward.”  Once I completed the powerful statement, I would then bring my arms back down into a normal position. My goal is to fill the space with energy and intention, and you want to do the same.

Don’t Fling Your Arms Permanently

Keep in mind; you don’t want to fling your arms up all the time. You’re going to fill the space with your speaker energy.  However, you’re going to do it at the right moment, and not all the time.


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#2 Steeple

Another speaker power pose is the steeple.

You may have seen this lots of times.  Many speakers unknowingly use this move because it is comfortable for them.

I am Confident

The steeple says to your audience “I am confident.”


A Moment in Time …

You don’t want to spend the entire time walking around in the steeple; just like you won’t want to raise your arms and spread them wide all the time.  Do it for a moment, whenever you might see a need to feel more confident, or you want your audience to know that you’re confident in your business programs and services or what you’re talking about.


#3 Wonder Woman

Another one is Wonder Woman.

Hands on the Hips and Feet Hip-Width Apart

I think we all know what that looks like, but if not, it’s hands on the hips and feet hip-width apart.  Make your feet a little bit farther than hip-width apart and stand in your power.


Once again, you’re not staying in the Wonder Women position.  You’re staying there for a moment when you want to get your audience’s attention, communicate clearly, and appear confident and strong.



Those are three amazing speaker power poses that you can use for the next time that you’re presenting.

Remember, spread your arms wide to fill the space, create a steeple with your hands to feel more confident, and put your hands-on hips with your hips width apart to communicate a message that says you’re here to change lives or powerfully communicate whatever you’re speaking about.

Go ahead and utilize these three speaker power poses strategies and I’ll see you on my next speaker training.

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