From the response of a recent article, 7 Laws of Successful PowerPoint Presentations That Everyone Needs to Know, it is clear that people are hungry for help with their PowerPoint Slides. I covered the basics Do’s and Don’ts of the actual PowerPoint slides, so now let’s get talking about the 4 Big Blunders that way too many speakers make when actually using the slides.



Big Blunder # 4 – Missing this Essential Tool

Imagine that you are at a presentation and the speaker is attached to their computer because they didn’t bring or purchase a PowerPoint Remote Clicker. As a result, they can’t move their slides unless they are hovering over their computer. You can see and feel how uncomfortable that is when they stand over their computer as they click from slide to slide. I have even seen individuals sit next to their computer for this reason. Ugh! Just saying!

You never want to rely on the event space to have a PowerPoint Remote Clicker for you to use. Always be proactive and bring your own along with extra batteries too! Don’t rely on friends, family or colleagues to remember it for you.

Big Blunder # 3 – Assuming Way Too Much

Sometimes technology works and sometimes it doesn’t. You just never know. You don’t want to assume it is going to work on the day you are presenting. Even though I test my equipment before I leave the office, I know how important it is to bring a print of my PowerPoint Slides. The audience, will not be seeing the print out of the slides, I put 6 or 9 slides on a page rather than a full slide on a sheet of paper.

Big Blunder # 2 – Forgetting to Ask for This

You can never assume that the event host or location will know you are using PowerPoint slides so you need to make sure you ask for what you need in advance. Please do not call them the day before. Give them as much advanced notice as possible.

You are going to need to ask for a table suitable for a PowerPoint projector and in most cases extension cords so that you can plug into the electrical outlets.

Plus, if you are speaking at someone else’s event, do not assume they will have the projector and projection screen for you. This is critical information so make sure you ask in advance.

You want to be calm, relaxed and ready to present so you want to avoid running around last minute looking for projectors, screen, table and cords.

Big Blunder # 1 – What They Are Focusing On

It is super common for presenters to have their PowerPoint screen directly behind them. You always see this. The speaker ends up walking back and forth in front on the screen and when they do that you can see the image of the PowerPoint slide literally on their body. Then they are always turning around looking at their slides. Each time they do that they disconnect from the audience.

You want to be in the center of attention so that the audience is focusing on you and not your visual aid – the PowerPoint slides.

So what do you do? To keep the audience’s focus on you, you want to move your PowerPoint screen to the left or to the right so that is no longer in the center. Plus, if you need to you will also be able to turn towards the slides to reference them without having to turn your back to the audience.


Today, I rarely use PowerPoint slides in my presentations. I only use them during webinars and very large live events.  The reason being is that every time you click on a PowerPoint slide you disconnect from your audience and they disconnect from you.  As you know I am all about connecting with the audience so I recommend you learn to release the need to use PowerPoint slides, unless absolutely necessary.  Let’s put the focus back on you and your presentation message.

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