Are you ready to be one of the Top Speakers in the World?

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – October 17, 2012 – Posted in: Professional Speaking Strategies, Public Speaking Help, Public Speaking Tips

Hi! It’s AmondaRose, 6-Figure Speaking Goddess, Speaking Expert and Best Selling Author.

Do you dream of being a TOP SPEAKER with international recognition and fans all over the world?

Do you believe you have a POWERFUL MESSAGE that others really need and they need it now?

Do you feel like your LIFE PURPOSE includes speaking to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people?

Do you call yourself a PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER, however you are feeling a little frustrated because you haven’t started moving in that direction?

You are not alone. Whether you are brand new to the Professional Speaking industry or you are wanting to book more speaking engagements to grow your business, I wanted to share some of the key steps you will need to put in place that will give you a head start and move you in the direction of becoming one of the Top Speakers in the World.

Remember, that every TOP SPEAKER started exactly where you are.

Here are 3 Essential Steps to help you begin your journey into the world of Professional Speaking:

# 1. Create a professional “Power Bio” showcasing your background and what makes your message unique and highly desirable. What have you done that makes you stand out from the other speakers in your industry? Why are you passionate about helping others in your field? As a speaker, what about your delivery makes it stand out from the rest?

# 2. Having the RIGHT IMAGE is important, so make sure you have a High Resolution Head Shot that showcases you in the best way. It has to say to the viewer that you have something special to share and they need to book you as a speaker or attend your next event.

# 3. It is a MUST to have at least one highly desirable presentation fully crafted so that you are ready to deliver at a moment’s notice. As a Speaker you may get a phone call from an event planner who had a last minute cancellation begging you for help. You need to be ready at any time to deliver one power packed presentation.

# 4. Don’t drop the ball on your Presentation Title and Marketing Description. It has to say others are craving what you have to share and they need to book you now. You never want to be running around last minute trying to put everything together. Get it done now so you are 100% prepared for your first or next amazing speaking opportunity.

If you are serious about being a TOP Professional Speaker, now is the time to get these 4 steps done. Create a plan including dates for when you will have each of those items completed and checked off your to-do list.


Abundant Blessings!


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