How to Create Online Courses to Increase Your Profitability and Abundance

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – March 15, 2019 – Posted in: Product Creation

Do you want to know how to create an online course?  You are in the right place! Because I’ve created lots of online courses. I’m going to help you do just that. In our marketing tips on how to create online courses, I’m going to share with you three steps that are going help you get started and what do you do with it once you’ve started.


How to Create Online Courses as a New or Seasoned Speaker

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#1 Brain Dump

The first thing you want to do and creating an online course is to do a brain dump.

The reason is that you probably have a lot of information in the head of yours.  Don’t you? Right? There are lots of things that you can teach, along with great strategies.

  1. To do a brain dump, I want you to take a whiteboard or an easel pad and write columns.
  2. Now, depending on the length of your course, your course might be eight columns which become your online course modules.  Or you might have less such as five or four-course modules.
  3. You will create a horizontal line for the number of modules you want to share.


Sticky Notes for Each Training Point

After that, you are going to do a brain dump and create “training point” sticky notes for each module.

  1. You’re going to write one sticky note for each element that you want to teach.
  2. You’re going to brain dump all the things that you can teach in those modules.
  3. You are going to place all the sticky notes you created and put them in their related module.


Remove Sticky Notes

Once you have completed the brain dump step, you’re going remove sticky notes.

  1. Take off the sticky notes that don’t excite you.
  2. Remove the ones that you feel aren’t appropriate for this specific online training.
  3. Take off the ones you feel that the audience doesn’t need to know at this moment. Maybe they need that information in another course.
  4. You’re going to keep only the ones that you feel are appropriate for each of those modules.

For example, let’s say you want to create an eight-week program and you have four teaching points for each of those modules.  The end result is you would have twenty-four pieces of content in the eight weeks.  You might have even more than you want to teach. This will give you a range to work with.


Keep the Pulled Off Sticky Notes

What about the online course stickies that you removed?  You’re going to take those other stickies that you’ve pulled off, and you’re going to keep them because they might be for your next course or a future course or group program that you might offer.


# Target Market

The next step you want to take in how to create online courses if you want to be clear on who this program is.  When I ask people who’re the program for, and they’ll often say “Everybody!” and the reality is it’s not for everybody. You want people that are motivated. You want people that are ready for it and are willing to do it.


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Biggest Challenge Your Target Market Experiences

Ask yourself what’s their biggest challenge(s) they are experiencing?

  • If it is a health issue, is it related to weight loss?
  • Maybe they are overweight.
  • Maybe they are stuck at a specific weight and have plateaued.
  • Maybe they have health concerns created by weight gain or weight loss.


Sub Market

Be very specific in what type of individuals are right for your online course because that way it’s also going to reflect the marketing that you put together for this online course, including your title and your tagline and your bullet points for your content.


#3 Solution

The other thing you want to do is you want to solve a specific problem. Lots of times people think I’ve got to teach them everything they know when creating an online course.  That would be an ineffective approach.  Let me give you some examples of an effective online course approach.


Speaking Success Blueprint

I have a program called “Speaking Success Blueprint” eight-modules online program, which is all about booking speaking opportunities.

It’s for people that are business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, health and wellness teachers and authors that want to get out in front of other larger audiences.

In my “Speaking Success Blueprint” an online speaker training program that teaches them everything related to it from a to z with absolutely nothing related to booking speaking gigs left out.

Pain-Free Public Speaking

I also have “Pain-Free Public Speaking,” which is the speaker basics four-week online course.

Big Impact and Income Speaker

And, I have my “Big Impact and Income Speaker” eight-module online course, which is all about how to create a perfect presentation from opening to closing and I teach them my entire signature presentation template.  These are all online speaker training courses that I’ve created and sold successfully.



When it comes to creating an online course, I’ve been there.  I followed the same principle that I’m sharing with you.

If you want to create an online course, you got to do your brain dump, you’ve got to be clear on who it’s for, and you got to solve a specific problem that people want solved.

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I look forward to helping you create your first or next online course.


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