How to Speak in Public without Fear

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – March 20, 2019 – Posted in: Presentation

Do you want to know how to speak in public without fear? Do you want to be able to communicate your message confidently? Do you want to not bumble and stumble over your own words? Do you want to get rid of those negative public speaking thoughts that tell me that you aren’t good enough?

I’m going to give you an amazing speaker tip. It’s going to help you not only handle how to speak in public without fear; it’s going to handle all those negative public speaking thoughts and mind chatter that you might be experiencing.

Are you ready for it?


How to Speak in Public Without Fear By Using this Secret Power Move Only Seasoned Speakers Know About

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I like to call this my secret power move, and my speaker clients use this all over the world.  It’s helped them presenting with confidence and clarity and stand in the power of who they are and what they’re here to share. And it can also help you handle that question “How to speak in public without fear?”


How a Kegel Can Help You to Learn How to Speak in Public Without Fear

It is so powerful that I feel like there should be a drum roll. It’s a Kegel. Yup.

So, you might be wondering “How to does a Kegel help me help me overcome my public speaking fear?”


Let me tell you what a Kegel does first to your fear of public speaking.  Afterwards, I will tell what it is and then I’ll tell you how it actually works so you’ll know the physical movements that creates the Kegel.  Plus, no one knows what you’re doing when you’re doing it. I’m doing it right now. You never know I did this morning when I was presenting to a group. No one knew except me.


Negative Thoughts Won’t Have a Chance When Kegeling

And the really cool aspect of the Kegel is that you cannot have a negative thought when you are doing it.  If you want to beat yourself up and tell yourself you’re not good enough, you can’t do it when you Kegel.


Just Kegel It!

Go ahead and Kegel.  Try it if you’re familiar with the Kegel.

Now try to have a negative thought while doing a Kegel. You can’t.

The negative thought and the Kegel move can’t coexist at the same time.

When I’m beginning to present, I Kegel it. If I’m having a conversation with somebody and it’s not going in the way that I like, I can Kegel and instantly stand in my power of who I am. It works in all situations.  Plus, when you do it, your shoulders go back, you stand up taller and look like you are in your speaking power.  Of course, you’re going to be more confident as well.


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Learn How to Kegel to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking with these 3 Easy Steps

If you aren’t familiar with the Kegel, let me show you what to do so it can help you learn how to speak in public without fear. I wouldn’t be doing you justice if I didn’t tell you what a Kegel is.

  1. For those that aren’t familiar with a Kegel, it is where you imagine that you’re going to urinate and you stop the flow and lock the lower muscles.
  2. Imagine now you’re going to urinate and stop the flow.  It is the lower lock.   And in spiritual terms some may refer to it as your lower chakra.
  3. Remember, you want to have the lower lock and stop the flow.  And you will find out how quickly you can’t have a negative thought.  It’s impossible to have public speaking fear at the same time.


That’s a great tip on how to speak in public without fear. It’s my number one speaking strategy for how to instantly overcome your fear of public speaking.

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