Are You Ready to Take Full Advantage of Your Networking Meetings and Turn Those New Connections into High-Profit Long-Term Income Opportunities?

(Even If You Don't Yet Know How to Do That)

Imagine finally being able to create business connections on demand and turn those into short and long-term profitable relationships...

How quickly would your business grow if you had a proven step-by-step networking system that gave you all the tools you needed to create consistent business Relationships, Referrals and REVENUE… …

and you could put into action right away!

You’re about to learn my clear, proven, 5-step plan for EXACTLY how to make more money networking, whether you’re attending a networking group meeting or getting together with a potential business partner at a social event… and you're going to learn it fast. 


 5 Module Video Training - Plus Bonuses!

Module # 1

STEP-BY-STEP Formula to CRAFT YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH so you and your business are simply and TRULY Irresistible.  

  • How to describe what you do in ways that leaves others wanting to know more and eager to schedule a one-on-one session with you. (It is absolutely necessary to achieve the networking results you desire.)
  • The two questions you must ask yourself before you ever attempt to write and deliver your first or next Elevator Pitch. (Don’t do this and you can really miss the mark!)
  • Gain instant access to my Irresistible Elevator Pitch step-by-step template - with detailed instructions for crafting the perfect networking introduction.  Plus, you will know EXACTLY how to get everyone's focused and undivided attention in just a few short words! 
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Module # 2

High Impact Communication Skills for Accelerated Networking Results

  • Avoid common networking communication mistakes that are keep you from your desired results.  Plus, quickly discover what attracts people to you in all networking situations - from group situations to one-on-one conversations.  This is so important because sometimes what we think works is actually pushing people away. 
  • Learn the SECRETS to becoming so professionally magnetic that whenever you walk into a room people stop what they’re doing and feel compelled to talk with you.  
  • Discover my #1 Secret Power Move that will INSTANTLY stop your public speaking fear right in its tracks!  (I am talking from personal experience!  And it works for all my high level consulting clients too! In fact this “trick” will improve your stage presence even if you don’t consciously feel afraid) 
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Module # 3


  • Learn how to make the most out of these highly desired meeting connections, including Industry Experts, VIPs and Guest Speakers who have the power to skyrocket your career. (When you make these types of connections, you have the potential to double and even triple your business.)  
  • AVOID NETWORKING BURNOUT: Learn the most effective time to leave a business meeting. This bit of secret knowledge is PRICELESS and will keep you from serious overwhelm! Meeting planers and event hosts… even guest speakers don’t want you to know this strategy. 
  • How to gracefully break free from “no-potential” conversations. (You’ve wasted lots of time and energy with the wrong people in the past and you seriously need this solution.)
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Module # 4

THE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL FOLLOW UP and the exact steps you need to make the most out of every solid connection.  You will learn the right way to follow up and key things to start doing immediately.  Increase your opportunities right away without ever being aggressive and pushy.  


  • Get the answer to one of the most POPULAR networking challenges, "What can I do to get people to return my follow up e-mails?"  (The answer is counter intuitive to what most networkers do - prepare to implement this new highly effective strategy and watch what happens when you do!)
  • Discover how to MAXIMIZE your after networking connections and conversations, including what the heck do you do with all those business cards (You may even be totally shocked by the results!)
  • What to do in the last moments of a conversation that determine how people remember you, feel about you and define your business relationship with them. You want to do this correctly.  Right? 
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Bonus Module # 5

Keep your sales pipeline full with INCOME GENERATING Referral Relationships. One of the top ways companies get leads and increase their business is Referrals.  If you are struggling to create consistent business, it is all going to change in a positive way now!

  • Discover the exact steps you need to take to maximize all referral opportunities - even the ones you didn't know existed.    Learn exactly what to do to ensure referrals keep pouring in.  
  • Say good-bye to being uncomfortable asking for referral. You’ll learn the scripts, tools and secrets to turn everyday conversations into the ideal referrals in record time, just by applying a few easy steps.  
  • Let go of ineffective and sparse  “accidental” referrals.  Know how to put a sales referral process into place that will consistently drive high quality referrals.  (Others are doing this daily and it is working for them.  Why not you, too?)
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If you invest in your future today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you can accelerate your results.  

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Referrals for Income Generating Relationships 

Discover the exact steps you need to take to maximize all referral opportunities.  Say good-bye to being uncomfortable asking for referrals.  Learn exactly what to do, including how to track your results to ensure referrals keep pouring in - almost daily. 

$197 Bonus

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Business Card Checklist: What to Include

Your business card contains the message of your company and summarizes in only 7 square inches what you do.  So, why are many not doing it right?  Here's my business card checklist to ensure your business cards helps you get the sales results you want!  

$47 Bonus

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Transcripts of the Entire "Networking Magic" Program

Love taking notes? To make the video modules even more valuable, I’ve created graphically annotated video transcripts that make it easy for you to follow along and find ANYTHING you want to review… Fast.   Read them online or download and print to access easily. You will get the entire course in downloadable transcripts so you can refer to them whenever you need to!  

$97 Bonus

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Downloable Templates, Forms and Scripts 

You will get access to ALL the Networking Magic Practically Done-for-You templates, scripts and forms.

$149 Bonus


Networking "Best of the Best" Interviews

When you are networking with high level and high integrity business connections, as I do, you tend to come across individuals who truly demonstrate the power of relationship-building/networking.    I decided to personally interview the best of the best when it comes to networking, and give you access to the recording so you can learn what they do to grow their  your network in a smart, strategic, and ethical ways.

$300 Bonus

100% "Total Happiness" Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure that you’ll love NETWORKING MAGIC​ ​we offer ​this 100​​% money back guarantee.  

Your Enrollment is Risk Free :)

I wouldn't advise buying this Networking Magic training until you feel absolutely sure that it will be a highly effective way to grow your business and make more money.

However, I'm so confident you'll see results with this Networking Magic system, I back it up with a full 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

It’s that simple, ​but you do need to participate in the program and do the work. If you don't get the results you want, there are no hard feelings! Simply send us an email and we'll immediately refund your money.  

30 Day Guarantee

You Make Everything So Simple to Understand
and Implement Immediately

"You are the Queen of over delivering. Wow! I never thought I was getting all of that information and more. On my drive back from your event I called two friends and told them they need you. You make everything so simple to understand and implement. You're the BEST!" 
Dr. Emile Allen M.D., Speaker and Coach


If You Want to Reach New Heights in Your Business, AmondaRose is the Coach for YOU.

"AmondaRose, you have a real talent for helping people communicate to their audience.  You finally made me understand that a few concrete solutions can be even more effective for generating leads and sales.  I can’t thank AmondaRose enough for the impact she has had on my business. She has helped me crystallize what’s unique about my background so I can deliver a message that resonates with my target audience."
Gloria Rand, Internet Marketing Expert


Helped Me Put into One Sentence the 
Words I had Been Struggling to Find for 10 years!

"AmondaRose helped me put into one sentence the words I had been struggling to find for 10 years! I feel like I have a whole new direction and I know my journey has just begun. Lots of people can teach, but only the truly gifted can inspire. You are an inspiration to us all!" 
Alene Keenan – International Institute of Service Arts


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Vanessa Shaw, International Business and Success Coach