Juliet Clark of Super Brand Publishing interviews AmondaRose Igoe to talk about how to eliminate distribution fees and elevate your book marketing game.

Speak your book, sell your message, and eliminate distribution fees – because your words are your most powerful assets. In this episode, we have AmondaRose Igoe to talk about how to bypass distribution fees and elevate your book marketing game. She shares her 18-year journey, revealing how she transformed from a nervous novice to a sought-after speaker. But there’s more to her story than just speaking; it’s about connecting, engaging, and profiting. From blurry readers to quirky methods of making mundane topics exciting, AmondaRose has been there too. She also drops gems on event promotion and networking, making your audience part of your marketing team, and expanding your reach exponentially. Tune in now and learn how to turn your book into a powerful platform.


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