Hi! it’s AmondaRose with one of my absolute favorite speaking tips.  I have a feeling this is going to help you significantly in those “unexpected” speaking situations.

Picture this.  You are at a very important business or social event and someone says to you out of the blue “Would you please share your thoughts about …”

This has caught you totally off guard.  You weren’t prepared to say anything.  You didn’t have a clue that this would happen.  Your first reaction may be total overwhelm and fear.

Like most people, you put your best foot forward and deliver a short impromptu speech, which is off the top of your head and totally unplanned. As soon as you are done, you are realizing it wasn’t your best.

You are wondering what others are thinking about you and how this could impact their opinion of you. You may even be hoping this never happens to you again because it is your worst nightmare.

This is where the art of mastering the Impromptu presentation comes in super handy.  I am going to help you truly shine in even those unexpected situations.

Let me share with you a step-by-step easy formula that will elevate your impromptu presentations.  It is called the TIME LINE Impromptu Presentation. It is one of my favorite impromptu presentations that I teach to my clients.  I think you are going to love it too!

The TIME LINE Impromptu Presentation has 3 Crucial Steps:

Step # 1 – Begin with the PAST – The “Past” can include and is not limited to the time gone by, the history of a person or company, something that existed or happened at some time earlier, or events or conditions that happened in the past.

Step # 2 – Bridge to the PRESENT. The“Present” is the current state- how things are right now.  It may include what is currently happening with the company, person, program or group.

Step # 3 – Bridge to the close with the “FUTURE.”The “Future” can include projected outcomes, future programs being implemented, how people might view the topic in the future as well as desired outcomes.

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE is the perfect step to creating flawless impromptu presentations because it is super easy to remember and implement. The next time someone asks you to share your ideas without any warning, say “That’s easy!” because thanks to AmondaRose it is.

Abundant Blessings!



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