I love to share with you innovative presentation strategies and expert secrets that I know will impact your speaking and business results in a big way.  This quick update is certainly one of them! 

Someone told me about a fabulous “TED” talk by Nancy Duarte. After watching the video I knew I had to send it to you because she shares her amazing discovery about Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King, Jr. and what they have in common.

Nancy discovered that the Steve Jobs’ iPhone pitch speech and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech have the IDENTICAL underlying structure that made their speeches so memorable. Her findings really highlight the art of the GREAT STORY. I knew you would want to know about this video too! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT so watch the video now!

After you watch the video, you will realize this is another reason why I firmly believe that making an emotional connection is an essential key to the success of all presentations. If they can’t connect with YOU, they ultimately won’t invest in your ideas, products and/or services.


Abundant Blessings!


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