Special Interview with Gloria Rand, Host of 2 Day Internet Marketing Success Summit, and AmondaRose’s Diamond Speaking Goddess Client.

#1 What was your biggest breakthrough that resulted from you hosting your own live event?

The biggest breakthrough that I achieved from hosting my own live event was that I could handle all of the logistics (with help), engage with my audience, make my offer, close a sale and enjoy myself at the same time!

Not only was my event profitable, but I am eager to do it again next year and make it bigger and better, so I can help more people achieve their internet marketing goals.

#2 How did your event help your audience solve their biggest business challenges, problems or roadblocks?

I was able to share my expertise, along with my client case studies that addressed my audience’s challenges. I also provided handouts and worksheets so the audience could work through their problems with guidance from me.

#3 What is the number #1 thing you would recommend others do when hosting their own live event?

Prepare a schedule and highlight your notes, so you can refer to them during the event to keep on track, and not miss anything that you wanted to include.

#4  Are you planning on hosting another Live Event?  If yes, why are you ready and eager to do this again?

Yes, because I now have all the marketing materials in place, I know how to contact venues, and I have the experience of teaching under my belt. I know I can do an even better job next time.

#5 What about AmondaRose’s Diamond Speaking Goddess training style and strategic system helped you the most and why?

AmondaRose provided me with email templates, and a copy of the schedule for her own workshop, which helped me tremendously to plan my own event. In addition, she was always available to answer my questions and provide me with encouragement when I felt overwhelmed at times.

If you want to promote your business with public speaking, you MUST hire AmondaRose. She is above and beyond the best coach & trainer, and always has your best interests at heart.

To learn more about Gloria Rand, Internet Marketing Expert, visit GloriaRand.com.

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