It’s AmondaRose. One of the questions I hear all the time is “How do I figure out how much to charge for my next presentation?” Maybe you are wondering this too! Speaking is a great way to build your business, stand out from the competition and ultimately help more people.


As a Speaker, you have two ways of being creating huge pay days:

Either way you need to consider these significant 4 IMPORTANT FINANCIAL factors in determining if it makes sense to you and your business vision.


In this article, I am going to primarily focus on paid speaking gigs. However, many of the same principles apply to both.


Are you charging what you are worth or proposing such a low price that you discredit your value as a speaker? When you charge too little for a presentation, you are seen as someone who offers very little value in their presentations and ultimately the group or organization will question your level of expertise.


Are you saying yes too quickly without considering all the potential expenses such as hotel, food and airfare? Have you put a $$$ value on the time it takes you to prepare your presentation, which may include extra time to create power point slides and special handouts? Besides the actual time you are presenting, are you required to attend a special breakfast or dinner meeting? Remember, this is time that you are not focusing on other areas of your business. You need to consider them all.


Do you love to give as I do? So much so, that you always want to provide the audience with special gift items. Are you including autographed copies of your books or giving the audience special workbooks? Even the feel good give away items are expenses. They all count. Make sure you include these items when you come up with your presentation pricing.


You have to include the audience size and potential in your financial calculations too. How many people will be in the audience? Are 20, 50 or 100% potential clients that would hire you for more help? Could this speaking opportunity lead to a BIGGER speaking opportunity and a serious financial windfall? Remember to always look at the presentation potential and where it can lead you.

Before booking any presentation, these are key questions that you must ask yourself. Every presentation is different, so your financial numbers will be different. Before you say, “I will be there” make sure the speaking opportunity honors your time, knowledge, energy, as well as the monetary value of your information, you will be sharing with your audience.

Abundant Love and Blessings,



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