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Aimee and Karen

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"The first time I spoke with AmondaRose it was as immediate that she not only listened and  and provided immediate value, but tailored her solutions to my needs. Very refreshing!  

My partner, Karen Halseth, and I decided to work with AmondaRose and were beyond thrilled with the results!  At the end of our VIP coaching session, we not only had a brand new key note speech, a strategy for making a powerful offer from the stage but also a reusable template that will serve us for years to come!  We put the new strategy for making an offer from the stage into immediate use and for the first time in many years, we had a long line of people waiting to enroll in our new tele-series!  Instantaneous tangible results - you can't beat that!" 

Aimée Lyndon-Adams – VIP Coaching Intensive Program - Create Your Signature Presentation that Sells and Speaking Success Blueprint -


Success Stories


Delivered My Speech and...

Had a Line of People Wanting to Speak to Me Afterwards

"As a small business owner with a much bigger vision for what I want to achieve through my work, I knew that I needed to start speaking to get my message out into the world. I felt overwhelmed though at the thought of where to begin? What would I speak about? Did I need a new talk for each audience? How would I get speaking engagements?

I hired AmondaRose for a VIP Coaching Intensive Day which was a fabulous experience. By the end of that time together we had crafted my signature talk that could be used in multiple different ways, I had content that I loved and knew how to deliver plus I had all the steps that I needed to secure future speaking engagements. What's more, we had a ton of fun together! 

AmondaRose is truly masterful at finding the right words and helping you to get your message across in an inspiring way. Within a month I stood up in front of a room of 60 entrepreneurs, delivered my speech and had a line of people wanting to speak to me afterwards. I'm ready, confident and excited about the new opportunities that speaking is going to create in my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart AmondaRose -you are truly gifted in what you do and an absolute joy to work with"

Vanessa Shaw - VIP Coaching Intensive Program - Create Your Signature Presentation that Sells and Speaking Success Blueprint -

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