We help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners craft and deliver the perfect targeted message, so they can effectively SELL their products from the stage. 

  • Do you want to utilize the power of public speaking to attract new clients and income now?
  • Are you wondering if you will ever achieve public speaking success and finally get the positive measurable outcomes you ultimately desire?
  • Do you want access to easy and quick public speaking techniques that you can start applying your new presentation skills immediately?
  • Are you tired of having the same public speaking challenges over and over again while you get limited or no results from your presentations?
  • Do you have a sincere desire to utilize public speaking to reach more people while you learn how to create consistent clients and cash flow from presenting?

Whether you are currently speaking or are planning to speak to grow your business, you are in the right place today.  With the right expert help from pubic speaking courses to presentation coaching, you can quickly and easily achieve speaking and financial success beyond your wildest dreams!

Now is the perfect time for you to learn expert speaking tips, essential presentation strategies and innovative public speaking techniques to help you:

  • Utilize the power of public speaking to successfully promote your business, product or service without disappointing and lack luster results.
  • Overcome your public speaking challenges now because you know it is impacting your ability to grow your business and help more people.
  • Speak to the mind, heart and spirit of your audience so that you can have a long lasting positive impact on them and achieve a new level of financial success.
  • Get the positive public speaking response and reaction you truly desire and deserve whether you are presenting in front of a live audience or virtually during a tele-seminar, webinar or radio interview.
  • Discover why public speaking can help you maximize your time, knowledge and energy so that you can finally start charging what you are worth and get it.  
  • Overcome common and costly mistakes by learning exactly what you need to do including strategies for hosting live events, delivering high impact presentations, step by step innovative presentation techniques and tools to help you consistently book  speaking engagements all so that you can achieve six-figure speaking results and beyond.

“I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, spiritual teachers, business owners and visionary leaders accelerate their speaking results and create more consistent clients and cash flow.  

YES, I can help you too with my Highly Desired Programs including…”


Imagine Having The Ability…

to achieve your ultimate speaking desires and finally earn what you are worth!  You no longer have to just imagine it. It is absolutely possible.  It is your destiny.

I know with all my heart that you can achieve unlimited speaking success whether you want to design a presentation, deliver your speech with impact or start booking speaking opportunities including live and online presentations.  It is inside of you and you just need expert public speaking systems and techniques to help bring it out of you.

I can see your speaking success, even when you think it is impossible or if you believe it is going to take a long time. You just need be open to trusting me when I say public speaking and financial success can become your reality. I am committed to helping you!  You can reach more people with speaking and quickly and easily skyrocket your results!

I want you to have the speaking success you desire and deserve. It is about time it happens for you.  I know what works and does not work and that is why I have created innovative, step by step, private and group training programs including workshops, online classes and systems to help you quickly, easily and confidently accelerate your business and your life with speaking.

As you will discover, I am 100% committed to your success and passionate about helping you achieve your biggest public speaking goals. Read the testimonials from my raving fans. Just like you, they were willing and open to getting the help they absolutely needed.

“There are no accidents that you are here right now.  From my heart to your heart, I hope you take the next step that leads you closer to your ultimate speaking desires.”


Abundant Blessings! 





P.S. Your next step is to call my office toll free at (800) 610-9056 or click here to contact us via the web to see which one of my innovative programs are right for you. You will soon realize that I put my heart and soul into what I do to ensure that you get the systems and step by step speaking help you need.


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Client Success

Aimee and Karen

Tangible Results!

You Can't 
Beat That!

"My partner, Karen Halseth, and I decided to work with AmondaRose and were beyond thrilled with the results!  At the end of our VIP coaching session, we not only had a brand new key note speech, a strategy for making a powerful offer from the stage but also a reusable template that will serve us for years to come!  We put the new strategy for making an offer from the stage into immediate use and for the first time in many years, we had a long line of people waiting to enroll in our new tele-series!  Instantaneous tangible results - you can't beat that!" - Aimée Lyndon-Adams 


Client Success


Delivered My Speech and...

Had a Line of People Wanting to Speak to Me Afterwards

"I hired AmondaRose for a VIP Intensive Day which was a fabulous experience. By the end of that time together we had crafted my signature talk that could be used in multiple different ways, I had content that I loved and knew how to deliver plus I had all the steps that I needed to secure future speaking engagements. What's more, we had a ton of fun together! 

AmondaRose is truly masterful at finding the right words and helping you to get your message across in an inspiring way. Within a month I stood up in front of a room of 60 entrepreneurs, delivered my speech and had a line of people wanting to speak to me afterwards. I'm ready, confident and excited about the new opportunities that speaking is going to create in my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart AmondaRose -you are truly gifted in what you do and an absolute joy to work with" - Vanessa Shaw 

Client Success

Gloria Rand headshot 2013

Reach New Heights in

Your Business

"I can’t thank AmondaRose enough for the impact she has had on my business. She has helped me crystallize what’s unique about my background so I can deliver a message that resonates with my target audience. She has helped me develop systems so that I can offer my own VIP day to clients, and help them build their businesses.

Since I’ve started working with AmondaRose, opportunities keep opening up for me, including the chance to share the spotlight with one of the leaders in the social media marketing industry. If you want to reach new heights in your business through speaking, AmondaRose is the coach for you." Gloria Rand 

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